Safe Exchange

FixIT Mobile allows customer to conduct device exchanges in our store where we can perform a basic diagnostic on the devices being sold or purchased. This gives customers peace of mind by knowing the exact condition of a device before making the exchange with the other party.

  • Free 20 Point Diagnostic Inspection.
  • Clean IMEI Check
  • Battery Check
  • Water Damage Check

Device Trade-in

How much is your device worth?

Upgrade for a great deal! There’s no reason you should have to put up with a slow, outdated, device. If you’re unable or unwilling to shell out a few hundred dollars every few months for the latest and greatest, we can help you stay current without breaking your bank. When you bring your old device into one of our locations, we’ll make an offer to trade it in for a new device. Visit us today for a new upgrade that satisfies your tech needs and your budget.