4 Reasons You Should Consider a Refurbished Phone

May 8, 2019

You need a new phone, so you hop onto your favorite manufacturer’s website or visit your carrier’s store and – boom! – you’re lying on the floor trying to recover from sticker-shock.

Seriously, have you seen the price of a new iPhone lately? Even the other popular brands, like Android, Samsung, etc., seem to be skyrocketing in price. Sure, the big carriers will cut you a break (or split the cost up over months or years) but do you really want to make that long of a commitment?

Why not consider buying a refurbished phone instead? If you choose the right smartphone refurbishing expert, you’ll get a good-as-new phone for a fraction of the price.


No. 1: Refurbished Phones Let You Keep the Device You Like

Your old device has given up the ghost but what if you don’t really like the newest available model? For example, many iPhone users prefer the ease and functionality of having a headphone jack, but Apple doesn’t include them on new models.

Choose a professionally refurbished device and you can keep using the model you prefer.

No 2: Refurbished Smartphones Include a Warranty

No, not every seller of pre-owned devices offers a warranty with their products. However, when you choose an established, reputable smartphone repair specialist who also sells refurbished devices, you’ll get a risk-free warranty. This is the perfect way to have the peace-of-mind you need to trust a pre-owned phone purchase.

No. 3: Tons of Pre-Owned Cell Phone Options to Choose From

Go into the Apple Store or an AT&T location and your device choices will be limited to only a few options for getting a new phone. That’s because the marketing and business models for electronics manufacturers and service providers rely on you upgrading your device every 12-24 months. But this limits your ability as a consumer to compare features and functions to choose the smartphone you prefer.

When you buy a refurbished phone, you can choose from dozens of models, features, functions, etc., to get the device you truly want.

No. 4: Refurbished Phones Are Better for the Environment

“Reduce, reuse, recycle!” has become the mantra of ethical consumers across the U.S., so why not apply that philosophy to buying a phone?

Too many electronics devices – including unwanted smartphones – end up in the landfill. There, they can create toxic conditions that infiltrate the soil and fail to breakdown for decades. Refurbished phones prevent that from happening, allowing you to get years of use out of a device that might otherwise have been tossed in the trash.

Between the saving money, avoiding a long-term carrier commitment and the advantages listed above, you can see that buying a pre-owned phone just makes good sense.

It makes even better sense when you sell and buy smartphones from FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple. With convenient locations in Utah, we make it simple and affordable to get the phone you want at a price you won’t believe. And we provide a no-risk 30-day warranty with every device we sell. You can even bring your old device in and, as long as it meets our standards, we can apply a credit toward your purchase.

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