5 Reasons Why Repairing > Replacing Your Phone

Oct 19, 2017

1) Cost Efficiency

With the exception of maybe a phone being exploded into pieces, repairing your device is more affordable than outright buying a new phone.  Typical repair prices range from $50-$130, while new devices range from $200-$1,000.  If you are looking to save money and extend the quality/ life of your device, you should really consider the repair option.  You should also consider whether your upgrade is truly an upgrade. Many people love having the newest and shiniest device on the market, but you should decide whether certain new features are worth your extra cash.

2) Peace Of Mind

Fixit and some similar repair companies offer warranties on not only repairs completed by them, but also on devices themselves.  Warranty and protection services make worrying about a cracked screen a thing of the past.  It used to be the case where phone providers would insure your device, now it is becoming more and more common to protect your device with third party tech insurance.  Here at Fixit, when you have Protect IT Protection, we cover unlimited repairs on new, used, jailbroken, and unlocked devices, and have low deductibles, plus preventative care.

3) Repairs Save Time

You might be surprised to find that in the majority of instances, repair time is significantly shorter than set up time.  Repairs can be done while you wait, whereas you likely need a good chunk of time to purchase and prep your new device.  Consider the time it typically takes at your phone provider.  From discussing phone options, plans, and data transfers, you are banking on an hour at least to get your device ready to go.  If you are on a time crunch and can’t be away from your device for very long, then the repair route is right for you.

4) Ideal For Families

Technology, when used appropriately, can be educational and entertaining for your children.  But we won’t blame you if you're not ready to buy the newest iPad for your new toddler to play with.  Repair old devices to give as a hand-me-down to a child or friend.

5) Better Usability

Did you know 23% of people continue to tolerate a cracked screen, even after they have cut their finger on it?  People often misjudge how expensive phone repairs actually are, and end up using broken devices for much longer than they need to.  Rather than enduring a broken screen or a quickly draining battery, consider how a repair can help you enjoy using your phone again.