5 Tips to Protect Your Android Screen

Oct 15, 2017

Even if we don’t want to admit it, many of us rely on our smartphones for our everyday life. It’s how we stay connected and often how we get our work done. Instant access to emails and your workspace from your phone make your smartphone a detrimental device to carry around everyday. Smartphones are amazing tools that enable us to boost productivity and connect with the people we love. Sometimes, though, we begin to take this convenience for granted and get careless with our smartphones. It can seem devastating when harm befalls our smartphones.

Here are a few tips to protect the screen on your Android smartphone.

Don’t use anything not meant for an Android screen Many android phones come with a stylus. It’s important that you never use anything other than your fingers and provided styluses on the surface of your screen. Even if your phone responds to another material or device, do not use it! It can damage the screen and make it lose it’s sensitivity.

Don’t leave it in the sun Just like direct sunlight for extended periods of time is bad for your skin, it’s also bad for your Android phone. The extended sunlight will damage the sensitivity of the screen. If left in the heat for too long, your phone has the possibility of overheating, being unusable until it is given the chance to cool down to a regular temperature.

Screen protectors and phone cases It’s important to start protecting your phone before it breaks or cracks. It’s significantly less money to replace a phone case or screen protector than having to replace the screen or the entire phone. Invest the money up front to protect your phone to save you a lot more money farther down the road.

Leaving the screen on for extended periods of time If you’re not actively using your phone, don’t leave the screen on. This will drain your battery, and it can also cause internal burn-in to your device. The best practice is to set up a lock-screen timeout on your Android device, so your phone screen will turn off when you’re not actively using it.

Don’t tap your phone to get it working again For some reason, when our devices aren’t working, we’re tempted to tap or hit the device to try to “bring it back to life”. This doesn’t work on modern devices, and you run the risk of inflicting additional damage to your Android device when you do this. Instead of getting frustrated, set your phone down and walk away for a few minutes and come back. Sometimes, it just needs to be idle and the problem is fixed. Another way to fix these problems is to force restart your device.