8 Technologies Shaping Future Classrooms

May 12, 2020

Technologies Of Future Classrooms

With the way technology is advancing it only makes sense to use these advancements in the classroom. Not just faster computers and better programs. But fun stuff like AR, 3D printers, and smart tables! Future classrooms are going to make everyone wish they were in high school again!

1. AR

Augmented Reality. The beginning of ‘the future’ that we all dreamed about and saw in movies. Using AR in the classroom is not exactly what a lot of people think of, I’m sure. However, it will turn going to school into a whole new experience. Think of field trips. With AR the school could go anywhere. Field trip to Egypt to see the Pyramids? No big deal. Italian language class in Rome every day? You got it. The possibilities are endless. 6 AR apps for Student Learning

3. Networked Learning, Digital Textbooks, & Cloud Computing

Networked learning with cloud integrations is the simplest form of future classrooms. A lot of this is already in place, with many assignments due in an online format and digital books becoming more and more common. Digital textbooks are starting to become more like online databases and programs rather than their paper predecessors. Cloud computing makes it a lot easier to carry everything you need with you; rather than a bag of books, all you need is your computer.

Networked learning also allows teachers to look in on students work while it is in progress, which will help catch any student who is falling behind.

2. 3D Printing

Imagine being able to print models of whatever the lecture is on. Molecular structures, skeletal and muscular systems, and anything else you can think of. Putting something physical to abstract thought, more than just notes on a whiteboard or 2D diagrams. It makes everything more interesting and easier to learn. 3D printing is going to be an excellent integration for people who learn best visually! 3D printing as a teaching tool.

4. Smartboards and Smart Tables

Whiteboards, but better. Imagine a massive computer screen, with touch functionality. Smartboards allow for fantastic presentations. Not only does it let you show images or diagrams on the board but you can also take notes that will show on the board and save as a digital copy for later use. Smart tables are essentially the same thing but in a table. Lost notes will be a thing of the past! Soon, students will be able to log into their smart table desks with their cloud accounts and write notes that will auto-save for them to access on any device.

5. Control Centers

Control centers give instructors the ability to switch seamlessly from displaying a Skype chat to a digital lecture to a documentary. No more awkward transitions from powerpoint to movies!

6. Cameras & Audio enhancements

Improvements in camera and audio are making it so that recording classrooms as vlogs or podcasts is easier than ever. The benefit of this is so that kids can go back to the classes online if they didn’t take notes or missed a day.

7. Biometrics

Biometrics may seem like an odd thing to improve classrooms, but it offers a lot of data on how people learn. There are some online schools already using this technology to watch where students eyes stay on the screen during lessons and gauge what data they take in. As technology continues to advance, this will be used to auto-shape classes specifically to each student, based on how they learn best.

8. Online Social Networking

Some colleges already have social sites set up specifically for their students. It’s a great way to stay connected with your peers, discuss homework, and even collaborate with students all over the world. Another benefit is that It also serves as a great feedback tool, which helps improve courses!

8 Technologies Shaping Future Classrooms

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