Android Devices: Security Tips

Sep 1, 2017

In the debate between Apple and Android devices, you’ve probably heard that iPhone’s tend to be have better security software than Androids. This might be true if you use your device right out of the box without changing anything, but each smartphone and tablet is only going to be as secure as the person who is using it. There are a variety of tips that you can utilize to make your android more safe and secure.

Here are some security tips to remember, as Android users...

Use the screen lock tools First of all, one of the most basic things to set up when you are making your Android more secure is to turn on the screen lock tools. While you can simply set up a password to get into your device, new Android devices offer more advanced and convenient security technology, such as fingerprint access.

Always update Hackers are always trying to catch up to device manufacturers and take advantage of smart device users. The last thing you want to do is let them catch up. Neglecting to update your device helps give hackers more time to break the security features on a device and get into your information. For this reason, always make sure to update your device in a timely manner, preferably as soon as you can.

Download straight from Google Play Google recommends downloading all of your apps straight through Google Play. The reason for this is that all files that your Android device downloads will have been verified by Google (at least to some degree). When you start downloading apps from places outside of Google’s control, then there is no way to be sure that what you are downloading is safe and free from nefarious intent.

Use Google’s encryption tools You can encrypt the data on your Android device by going to your security settings and turning on encryption. This makes it so that, if your device is lost or stolen, then the individual who has your device will be unable access your personal information. Plan to charge your phone when you are encrypting data, as it usually takes at least an hour, to do so.