Android Repair – Easy Fixes for Common Issues

Sep 6, 2019

Sometimes – such as in the case of a cracked screen or faulty camera -- Android repair is best left to an expert. But solving certain problems that are common for smartphones and tablets running Android can be surprisingly simple.

The following troubleshooting guide from the Android repair specialists at Bad Apple explains quick and easy fixes that may work to restore functionality to your device.

Utah Android Repair

Device Connectivity Issues

If your Android device is unable to connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, taking these steps may fix the problem:

  • Enable Airplane mode, then disable it

  • Turn Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Data off, then back on

  • Remove your connection, then set it up again

Restarting your smartphone or tablet might also work to restore connectivity. And, if you don’t have the latest update, installing it may solve the problem.

Battery Life Issues

If your battery drains pretty quickly, you may need to visit an Android repair specialist for a replacement. But before you do, try these simple fixes:

  • Check your battery use, and get rid of anything that is unnecessarily consuming a lot of power

  • Dim the brightness of your device’s display and limit automatic syncing

  • Turn on the battery or power saving mode

  • Install a battery saving app, like Greenify or Battery Doctor

Android App Issues

Ask any repair specialist – problems with Android apps freezing, crashing and malfunctioning are quite common. If your apps aren’t acting as they should, try these fixes:

  • Reboot your smartphone or tablet

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed

  • In the settings, use Force Stop and restart the app

  • Log out of the app, then sign back in

  • Clear the cache and app data

  • Check the app settings to see if changes may help

Overheating Issues

If your smartphone or tablet frequently feels hot to the touch, it may be defective – in which case you either need Android repair or a replacement device. However, you can try these easy fixes first:

  • Avoid using your Android device while it is charging

  • Cut down use of CPU-intensive apps when your device feels warm

  • Delete apps that use significant CPU power

Do You Need Professional Android Repair?

If the above troubleshooting tips fail to solve the problem with your smartphone or tablet, you’ll need a repair specialist – and in Utah, FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple offers quick repairs for an affordable price. And though our team has extensive experience repairing Android devices, we provide a warranty on parts and services.

With FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple, you don’t have to blow your budget to have a problem-free device. And with multiple locations throughout Utah, getting your smartphone fixed is both easy and convenient. If you need professional Android repair, stop by your nearest FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple today!