Apps that Enhance Android Smartphone Performance

Mar 21, 2020

The people who buy Android smartphones are often those that want something more out of their technology experience. For those who want to get a little deeper into the tech side of things, there are some apps that can help you see the inner workings of your device, monitoring its performance in real-time so you can find out which apps could be hurting performance or taking up valuable battery life and make adjustments that will keep your phone at peak performance levels for longer.


Performance Snapshots

Elixir 2: one of the easiest ways to see a snapshot of everything that’s going on with your Android smartphone. You can check for:

  • Battery status

  • Remaining charging cycles

  • Wireless networks and connectivity

  • Storage capacity

  • CPU and memory utilization

  • And more

The app also allows you to adjust certain settings to see how it will impact the performance of your device over time, such as adjusting screen brightness. Everything is available from a main screen that you can customize to see what you want. The app is available free if you don’t mind the ads, or you can pay for the ad-free version.

TinyCore: If you prefer a quick snapshot of performance data rather than an entire screen, this is a small widget that gives you an overview of what’s going on in your device. It’s purposely unobtrusive, appearing just above the clock in the system bar to see RAM or CPU usage. With the pro version you can also add CPU frequencies to the display.

Storage & Cleanup

DiskUsage: this program tells you which files are taking up space on your device, which allows you to locate and clear up large files that could be slowing down the phone. Android Assistant: if you need to clean up things in the system that are slowing you down, like caches, temporary files, startup apps, and more, the Android Assistant can help. In addition to cleaning up large files, it can uninstall multiple apps all at once, or move apps to the SD card to make more space on the internal storage and save the battery. CleanMaster: optimizes several features with a clean, user-friendly interface. It includes antivirus, app manager, file shredder, junk file cleanup, memory booster, and system checks for malicious files. This is just a shortlist of all the apps out there to help boost your Android performance. Come talk to Bad Apple if you want to learn more about using your smartphone with peak efficiency.