Best Apps for iPhone Filmmakers

Apr 3, 2017

##MISSING IMAGE##It is truly incredible the images that we are able to capture from the palm of our hand, now. Using nothing but our iPhones, we are now able to get video footage with the color depth and resolution that would have required spending thousands of dollars on a professional camera only a few years ago. While our amazing camera-phones that fit in the palm of our hand might still have a long way to go to fully compete in a professional market, many filmmakers have already taken advantage of the cost-effective solutions that an iPhone is able to provide. And these solutions get even better, when you take the time to amp up your iPhone with the right apps. Here are some of the best available apps for iPhone filmmakers... Filmic Pro The cream of the crop of all filmmaking apps for several years has been Filmic Pro. For a mere $9.99, Filmic Pro opens up the possibilities of what you are able to accomplish with your phone camera by providing manual controls for things like ISO, aperture, focus, and shutter speed, which are essential cinematography tools. Adobe Premiere Clip We’ve gotten to the point today where you aren’t just able to shoot, but can even do preliminary editing on iPhones and iPads. When it comes to post production, there is no company today doing more exciting things than Adobe. The Adobe Creative Cloud has enabled a whole host of tools to be accessible to filmmakers at an efficient cost. They’ve also moved into the mobile market with Adobe Premiere Clip, which is a basic editing suite for iOS. What is truly spectacular about Premier Clip, though, is that you can transfer the project seamlessly into the desktop version of Adobe Premiere. Best of all, this is offered by Adobe for free. Sun Surveyor (or Magic Hour) While we might shoot on studios and sets sometimes, nearly every filmmaker is going to need to roll up their sleeves and shoot an outdoor scene, at some point. For outdoor shoots, the sun is almost always going to be the major light source for your scene, which means you need to keep track of where it is. If you just need to worry about when the sun goes down, then an app called Magic Hour is great to know when magic hour is and what the lighting is like, that day. However, if you really want to have a great tool that helps you utilize sunlight, then Sun Surveyor is what you want. Sun Surveyor will use your geographic location and camera tools on your phone to show you the trajectory of the sun at certain times in the day, so you know exactly where light is coming from. Sun Surveyor is available for a mere $9.99.