Best Smartphone Gear to Give and Get this Holiday Season

Jan 2, 2020

The holidays are coming up fast, and smartphone accessories are one of the most popular gifts for adults and teens. Whether you need something basic like a car charger or are in the market for something more high tech, we have your guide to what gadgets you should be gifting this year.


For the Music Lover

Headphones are a must-have for the music lover (or podcast listener) in your life. If you know someone who recently got one of the smartphone models that doesn't have a headphone jack, they might be in the market for wireless headphones.

Wireless headphones come in two varieties: wireless and true wireless. True wireless headphones don't have a wire connecting the earbuds. Both types work via blue tooth and are powered by batteries. Battery life, and sound quality are two essential things to keep in mind when picking out a pair. If you think that the recipient of your gift might wear them while working out, make sure to buy a set that is designed to stay in place during physical activity.

Many people still prefer wired headphones, and there are hundreds of options out there for you to choose from. Sound quality and performance during activities are the specs you should pay attention to on these.

Both wired and wireless earphones come with different options. Some are noise canceling, some are earbud-style, while others have an external ear cup design. Depending on what you choose, a quality pair can range in price from $40 to $300.

For those who like to listen at home, a bluetooth speaker is a fun high tech option. Some speakers are even waterproof.


For the Traveler

If you know someone who loves road trips, consider getting them a car charger or power bank. A power bank is essentially a rechargeable battery that you can use to recharge your phone if no power outlets are available.

There are a variety of great chargers and power banks out there and most are a reasonable price. When picking one out, you should look at the charging time, and in the case of power banks, how much charge they hold. The faster a charger works, the better.

As far as power banks are concerned, it's better to have one that can charge a phone more than once before needing to be recharged itself. Power banks are an excellent gift for the backpacker or hiker in your life who may be off the grid periodically.

Phone cradles are another excellent gift for anyone you know who spends time on the road. These handy devices mount your phone to your dashboard so you can easily access your GPS. you should look for one that will stay securely in place and allow for one handed removal and replacement of the phone.


For the Photographer

Most of us use our phones to capture our memories, so accessories for our phone cameras are a must-have. There are tons of options out there for the photographers and selfie fanatics in your life. Selfie sticks make it easier to get groups of friends or background scenery into your selfies. Lenses that attach to your phone's camera can help enhance the picture and give enhanced zoom capabilities.


There are even led video lights that can be mounted to your phone to improve low light shots, like this one from ibower.