Boosting Orem iPad Productivity: Split View, Custom Widgets

May 10, 2022

Apple products like iPads and iPhones are so popular in large part due to their versatility, and one area where this is visible is within their various uses. Take the iPad, for instance: While many people, from kids to adults, use these tablets for various forms of entertainment or personal use, many others use them as a central part of their job, side gig or some other important purpose.

At Bad Apple, we're here to ensure all our Orem clients have the technology they need, whether for work, play or some combination therein. We offer the best iPad repair services in the area, from battery issues to screen repairs and more -- but we also assist clients with many related use areas for these and other devices. When it comes to being productive and efficient on your iPad, what are some tips we can recommend? We'll go over several in this two-part blog series.


Utilize the Split View Feature

When it comes to things like multi-tasking and efficiency, the iPad's Split View feature is a great option to explore. This allows you to have two apps open at once, side-by-side, on your screen. And it's not just for fun -- this can come in handy when you're working on something specific and need to reference another app or document quickly.

For instance, maybe you're working on a presentation in Keynote and want to look up some data in Numbers. Or you could be messaging with a colleague in Slack while also keeping an eye on your email inbox. No matter what the scenario, Split View can help you get things done more quickly and efficiently.

Custom Widgets and Dock

One great thing about iPads is the level of customization you can do to make your device work better for you and your needs. This is especially true when it comes to things like the Widgets Screen and the Dock.

Widgets are little applets that provide quick access to important information or features. For example, you could add a widget that shows you the current weather conditions or another that displays your upcoming calendar events. This way, you can get the information you need without even having to open an app.

The Dock is another customizable feature, and one that can come in handy when trying to be productive on your iPad. This is the bar at the bottom of your screen (or to the side if you're using an iPad Pro) that holds your most frequently used apps. By default, it comes with a few apps already included, but you can add or remove apps as you see fit.

For instance, if you're working on a project that requires the use of several different apps, you can add them all to your Dock so they're easily accessible. Or, if you tend to use the same few apps over and over, you can add them to your Dock for quick and easy access.

We hope these tips have been helpful as you look for ways to be more productive on your iPad! Stay tuned for our next blog, where we'll go over a few more great tips on this and similar areas.

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