Causes of Charger Port Issues in American Fork

May 7, 2021

There are a few different issue types that may impact smartphones, and concerns with charging or the charging point are among the most common. Any phone can experience charging issues if it’s used or cared for incorrectly, or even due to simple wear-and-tear in some cases.

At FixIT Mobile, we’re here to help with numerous phone repair services in American Fork and other parts of Utah, including assistance with any and all charging concerns. We also help clients understand why this damage may have taken place to begin with – and there are a few common culprits to consider here when it comes to issues with the charging port. Here are the most frequent to be aware of so you can ensure they don’t happen to you.

Simple Damage

The most common issue here is damage to the charging port itself, including basic forms of force that are applied to the port and cause it to move out of alignment. Force might lead to a disconnection of the port from its root connection, for instance, or it could simply crush and break the port itself. One highly common behavior that can lead to this result: Trying to force a charging cord into the port, which you should never do.

In some of these cases, you may deal with a loose charging port or a bent metallic connector. These are both concerns that require repair from our professionals, whether it’s to reconnect the port with its interior components or to simple un-bend the connector if it’s been damaged.


Especially for older phone models, if your phone has been exposed to water recently, you could deal with corrosion issues taking place in your charger port. Corrosion will lead to a weaker connection between the port and the device, not allowing as much power to be transferred – or in some severe cases, cutting off power transfer altogether.

The primary goal for phone owners here is prevention. Corrosion takes time to form, but if you protect your phone from water and other risks, it will not be a concern.

Dirt and Debris

Finally, particularly for people who work or live in dusty areas, dust and debris making its way into the phone charger port is never a good thing. A little bit of dust is just fine, but over a period of months or years, unchecked dust in the port of your phone will build up and eventually even become difficult to remove. Check your port regularly to ensure this isn’t happening with your phone – if it is, consider improving your air quality and limiting dust to whatever degree possible.

For more on the common causes of phone charging port issues, or to learn about any of our phone repair, tablet repair or other device repair services in American Fork, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.