Cell Phone Accessory Holiday Gift Ideas, Part 1

Nov 3, 2020

With the holidays around the corner and many people already beginning their gift shopping, a popular area this time of year is cell phones and various other tech gadgets. Everyone likes opening up a brand new electronic accessory as a holiday present, and today’s modern cell phone industry offers numerous options.

At FixIT Mobile, we’re proud to offer not only device repair services, but also pre-owned cell phones, tablets and numerous areas of additional expertise when it comes to giving gifts in this realm. While phones themselves are sometimes considered as gifts, this is also often an area many prefer to leave up to someone to choose for themselves – phone accessories, on the other hand, tend to be ideal holiday gifts. This two-part blog series will go over a few ideal phone accessories you may consider as a gift idea this season.

Sound Accessories

One of the areas where smartphone technology has improved most over the last decade or so is within the world of sound. Not only does a modern smartphone allow for several different sources of audio input, it can also be connected to a variety of high-quality audio accessories.

These begin with basic ear buds or similar in-ear headphones, offered by major companies like Apple in many cases. There are also a number of larger options beyond the in-ear realm, including full-on noise cancelling headphones that block out all ambient noise. Many modern sound accessories are also equipped with features like answering phone calls, adjusting volume and more.

Memory Themes

An issue a friend or loved one might be running into, especially if they’re using an older phone model: Running out of storage. Those who like to store tons of video and pictures on their phones may run into this issue more often than normal.

For these individuals, a perfect gift is expanded storage. This comes in the form of a flash drive or USB type, a simple and easy-to-store item you just snap into the phone to automatically back up your files. This device can easily be password-protected to ensure any sensitive data is secure.


One item we deal with regularly at FixIT Mobile is the smartphone case, which goes a long way toward preventing common screen damage issues we’re often called upon to repair. There are numerous case options you might consider for someone in your life, from relatively limited cases to heavy-duty options that protect the phone from not just impact, but also several other kinds of damage risks.

For more on the kinds of phone accessories to consider giving as gifts this holiday season, or to learn about any of our phone repair, tablet repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.