Cell Phone Repair to Help Avoid Injury Dangers

Nov 3, 2020

It’s better to be safe than sorry, as they say, and the world of cell phones and cell phone repair is a great example. Quality phone maintenance and repair solutions will prevent a number of potential issues from taking place, including phone-related injuries or accidents – these events are rare, yes, but largely because phone owners take the proper basic steps to prevent them.

At FixIT Mobile, we’re proud to offer a variety of cell phone repair services for both iPhones and Android models. Our solutions help you avoid a variety of potential concerns, including potentially dangerous accidents or injuries that involve your phone in some way. Here’s a quick primer on some of the minor risks here and how you can be sure you steer clear of them at all times.

Accident Categories

In 2019, researchers Povolotskiy et al published a study on head and neck injuries connected with cell phone use. The study hoped to answer a general question: Was smartphone use leading to increased risk of head or neck injuries?

One of the important themes of the study was separating injuries into two types:

  • Direct: Injuries directly from the phone itself causing harm, such as an exploding cell phone battery.

  • Indirect: Injuries or accidents involving people who were using cell phones, but not actually caused by cell phone damage or defectiveness itself.

Breaking Down the Data

Let’s dig into some basics on the data that was found from this study and what it tells us about the kind of care you should be taking with your cell phone – both to avoid damage and to decrease any minor injury risks:

  • Overall risk of cell phone injury is low, but still notable enough to take basic precautions.

  • The highest single category for injuries was those sustained at home – roughly 40% of cell phone injuries took place here.

  • Injuries were mostly split between direct mechanical injury (exploding battery, etc.) and use-related injury (indirect injury). Direct injury was much more common, however, among younger users under age 13.

  • Luckily, the vast majority – 94 percent – of all cell phone injuries required no treatment or allowed simple treatment and release. However, 18% were serious, including traumatic brain injury.

  • Surprisingly to some, only about 10% of injuries occurred while driving and using a cell phone, with only 7% for walking and 1% while texting.

  • Fortunately, rates of cell phone injury have decreased significantly since the iPhone, a much safer phone than previous models, was introduced in 2007.

Importance of Maintenance

As we noted, cell phone injuries are not common. That doesn’t mean they never happen, though, and you can ensure they’re not a problem for you through several basic methods – including basic cell phone maintenance and repair. If you’re concerned your phone is having a problem, especially one leading to issues like overheating or physical damage risks, bring it to our phone repair experts right away so we can diagnose the issue before it worsens and poses a risk to your health or safety. For more on cell phone injuries and how they can be avoided through proper maintenance, or to learn about any of our cell phone repair, laptop repair, tablet repair or any other device repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.