Choosing Ideal Phone Case for Protection, Part 1

Aug 3, 2021

At FixIT Mobile, we’ve seen every type of phone damage possible. Our phone repair services, which include both iPhone and Android repair services, span numerous areas, and include a variety of protective techniques or product we’ll use to ensure such damage does not take place to your phone again in the future. Maybe the single most common such product, one a huge percentage of smartphone users are well aware of: The phone case. Your phone case is often your first line of defense against several areas of phone damage risk, and it’s typically the first product we’ll recommend to clients who are dealing with issues like cracked screens, water damage or related concerns – many of which are avoided if you have a proper case on your phone. In this multi-part blog series, our smartphone professionals will offer numerous tips on choosing the proper phone case for protection and your daily needs.

Do Research

First and foremost, it’s important to do some homework while you’re selecting a new phone case. You don’t have to spend days and days making your choice, necessarily, but you also shouldn’t simply choose the first case you see and be done with it.

For those particularly concerned about protection for their phone, do some specific investigation. Research online reviews – these are common for all the major phone case brands out there. Confirm the case has precise cut-outs and will fit your phone perfectly. If you’ve had charging issues in the past, check with the manufacturer to ensure there will be no such concerns with a new case.

Price Factors

Price is always important to consider for any purchase, and the same is true for cases. But while it’s good to look for the best possible price, you should never do so at the risk of quality. Even the best phone cases aren’t that much more expensive than others, and you might receive significant benefits from spending a few extra bucks for a purchase that will last years.

Features to Prioritize

As you’re moving through the factors that matter to you for a phone case, you should also be considering any additional features you might desire. Phone cases today are varied and complex, and may come with several distinct features.

If you take lots of pictures or record videos often, you might consider a kickstand that pops out of the phone case and allows the phone to stand up. You might also think about an attached stick or a 360-degree hinge for certain uses.

For more on choosing the ideal phone case for protection and other desires, or to learn about any of our phone repair, tablet repair, computer repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.