Choosing Ideal Phone Case for Protection, Part 3

Sep 4, 2020

In parts one and two of this multi-part blog series, we’ve gone over some of the basics and types available when it comes to phone cases. A phone case is one of your first lines of defense against potential damage to any smartphone, protecting it from impact, screen risks and even moisture damage. At FixIT Mobile, phone cases are one of the top protective items we recommend to clients during phone repair services for many common damage types. Those without cases are leaving their phone at exponentially higher risk of becoming damaged, and all despite the fact that there are numerous case options out there to meet your needs. In today’s final entry into our series, we’ll look into a few additional phone case types you might consider depending on your needs, plus a quick word on one related product to strongly consider.

Folio Cases

For those who often use bags and want a great mix of style and protection, there are a variety of flip-open folio or wallet cases that are out there for modern smartphones. These are convenient and pocket-friendly, plus provide other value.

Now, folio cases will vary pretty widely in terms of the protection they offer. Some include a shell-type case that’s highly protective of the entire phone, while others have very little coverage on the sides, corners or other important areas. But they’re highly convenient, generally supporting the sleep-wake function when you open and close them plus offering magnetic closing options for those who want to ensure the case stays closed when not in use.

Battery Cases

For those who use their phone highly often and regularly have issues with battery, there are several case options that come with built-in battery charging options. These will actively charge your phone as they protect it, allowing for several extra hours of battery in most cases.

One concern you may deal with for many battery cases is bulk – the battery cases that last the longest tend to be fairly large. If they’re smaller, it’s because the battery inside isn’t as big and won’t power the phone for as long. You should also check with the manufacturer regarding protection qualities, as these will vary pretty significantly between different battery cases.

A Word on Screen Protectors

One product we often recommend to clients simultaneously with a phone case: A screen protector, which reduces the chances of scratches or cracks on the all-important phone touchscreen. It’s vital to purchase a screen protector that’s made for your device, plus to ensure professionals install it properly to avoid bubbles or any related screen issues. There are even screen protectors that allow you to cut viewing angles for privacy, or reduce glare for those with sensitive eyes.

For more on phone cases and other products, or to learn about any of our phone repair, tablet repair, laptop repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.