Choosing the Right Phone Case

Aug 1, 2017

Smartphones have become a way of life and an expensive one at that. The last thing anyone wants is for their brand new smartphone to take a dive onto asphalt--or into a toilette. Smartphones are becoming tougher, sometimes even water proof, but if you want to keep your investment in mint condition, it’s a good idea to invest in a case. The trick is finding the right one for you. Here is a basic rundown of your options:

The Minimalist Approach Also called slim cases, these are usually made from a slightly malleable TPU material that will protect the back and edges of your device. Slim cases work because, as the name suggests, they are sleek, smooth, and don’t add too much bulk to your phone. Whether you enjoy gazing upon the engineered beauty of your device, or you just don’t like having an enormous bulge in your pocket, slim cases will be good for you. Unfortunately, slim cases sacrifice protection for appearance and usability.

The Rugged Approach If you are hard on your devices, a little clumsy, or you work outside, you might want something a little bit tougher. Rugged cases can protect your phone against just about anything you might manage to do to it. Imagine putting a phone into a tank, and you’ll have the right idea. Drop proof, waterproof, and sometimes dustproof, these cases will keep your phone functioning for a long time. Unfortunately, with all of that extra protection comes a lot of extra bulk. They can be hard to hold in one hand, get stuck in your pocket, and might interfere with touch screen sensitivity.

The Tough Approach If you want the improved protection without a ton of bulk, you should consider a case that fits between the slim and rugged worlds. These kinds of cases usually come in two parts: a hard polycarbonate exterior and a soft silicone sleeve. This gives your phone an added layer of protection without increasing the size and weight of your phone to the proportions of a brick.

The Folio Approach What better way to compliment that sleek device than wrapping it in chic leather? Folio covers are the fashionable, and fairly effective, approach to protecting a phone. You can get them with magnetic or Velcro clasps that lock the cover into place to protect the screen in the case of a fall. Covers also integrate well with your phone’s sleep/wake features, which saves battery power. If leather is too pricey, you can also find alternatives, though you’ll want to read reviews on quality. Finally, some folio covers have slots for credit cards and can act as wallet replacements. Doing so, however, can add quite a bit of bulk and make it difficult to keep the cover closed.