Computer Repair and Coding Games to Consider

Mar 11, 2021

At FixIT Mobile, part of the great experience we offer to our clients during any device repair or related is education. While our primary services involve repairing your devices and bringing them back to optimal working order, many of these also involve us offering you expertise on future care and related areas to ensure you aren’t dealing with similar concerns again down the line.

In fact, we even speak to many clients who are heavily interested in the kinds of services we perform and want to learn more about them – but may not have the time to take actual computer repair or computer coding courses. In addition to expertise our team members are happy to offer, whether you just want to know more about your device or want to consider getting into device repair as a career or hobby, here are three computer games or programs we often recommend to those who want to learn more about these areas.

PC Building Simulator

This is a game offered by PlayStation, primarily for the PlayStation 4, and is also available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. It’s a simple, enjoyable game that allows users to practice both building and troubleshooting computers at their convenience.

PC Building Simulator comes with two specific modes: Story-based and free-build. While the former is more structured and ideal for beginners, the latter gives users the chance to design an ideal computer system using the various components that are currently on the market today. This game is often one that future computer engineers credit with helping build their interest, and it’s great for kids who have shown any interest in this area.

Computer_Repair Simulator

This is a similar game to the PC Building Simulator, but is played on Windows platforms for PCs rather than on gaming consoles. The goal of Computer_Repair Simulator is to have players build their own virtual computer within the software, then focus on how to fix various potential computer hardware issues.

Players are shown how to create a computer, including how to assemble and disassemble various components. They also learn how to improve performance, plus how to deal with issues that may arise over time. When it comes to hardware repair for computers, this is likely the best learning program available.


Finally, the TIS-100 is a video game created by Zachtronics Industries, and it’s a bit more focused on the coding and software side of things. It uses a conceptualized 1970s-era computer as its basis, then requires users to develop a computer language and fix various problems that come up. This program works on both Windows and Linux, plus works on iPads and in OS X or higher. This is more of an advanced program – it has fewer tutorials and explainers than the others we’ve gone over here.

For more on the various computer building, repair and coding programs you might consider if you have an interest, or to learn about any of our phone repair, tablet repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.