Debunking Common Samsung Phone Repair Myths

Oct 4, 2019

When it comes to Samsung phone repair, many people are misinformed. Myths abound, and discerning fact from fiction isn’t always easy.

To that end, we decided to shed light on several of the most commonly-believed falsehoods about fixing Samsung phones. Read the truth behind the myths, and you’ll know exactly what to do if your smartphone develops a problem.


Myth #1: A Cracked Screen is Just an Aesthetic Issue

Sure, a cracked screen affects the look of your smartphone – but that isn’t all it does.

If your smartphone screen becomes cracked, it could easily shatter. Or, debris could get inside, causing further damage or turning your Samsung into a brick. To avoid these issues, don’t put off fixing a cracked screen.

Myth #2: Fixing a Samsung Phone Takes a Few Weeks

 If you send your phone out for repair, this may be true. Go to a local shop instead, and you’ll get a much faster fix.

The amount of time phone repair takes at a local shop varies, but many issues can be fixed the same day you bring your device in – and some Samsung repairs take just an hour or two.

Myth #3: Phone Repair Costs as Much as a New Phone

People often think repairing a smartphone isn’t worth the expense, but that isn’t the case.

Buying a brand new smartphone always costs more than getting one fixed at a local repair shop. And actually, you can save a great deal of money by choosing Samsung phone repair over replacement.

Myth #4: Samsung Phones are Never the Same After Repair

 This idea sends many people out shopping for new phones, but it’s a definite misconception.

When you take a smartphone to a local repair shop like Bad Apple, it will look and function like new when you pick it up. With high-quality replacement parts and a well-trained technician handling the repair, you can expect your phone to work exactly as it did before.

Myth #5: If You’re Handy, You Can Repair a Samsung Phone

While walkthrough videos and repair guides are available online, trying to fix your own smartphone is not a good idea.

Even if you have all the necessary specialty tools and replacement parts, you need expertise in Samsung phone repair to get the job done correctly. Without knowledge, skill and training, you’re more likely to brick your smartphone than fix it.

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