Debunking Smartphone Repair Myths

Jan 16, 2019

Your beloved smartphone fell from your bed and, this time, the screen finally cracked. Before you weep from frustration let’s debunk some common myths about screen repair and smartphone repair. Repairs won’t be too costly, and won’t interrupt your life for days on end. Here’s the lowdown on the most commonly believed repair myths:

  1. Your Data Won’t Be Wiped

    Most smartphone repairs are hardware-related, meaning your screen is busted or a button no longer works correctly. The data and information on your smartphone will not be in jeopardy of being wiped or damaged. Some users backup their data as a precaution, but in most cases it is not necessary. Your repair technician is an expert in the field, so feel free to ask them before the repairs if you need to backup your smartphone.

  2. You Don’t Have to Go to the Manufacturer

    Apple is not the only company that can be trusted with iPhone repair and Samsung is not the only company that can be trusted for Samsung repair. Third-party repair experts receive the same training and are just as knowledgeable in the products as representatives from the manufacturing company. In fact, with third-party repair centers you may experience better customer service and lower costs.

  3. It Won’t Be Expensive

    Select screen repairs for the latest model smartphones may set you back close to $100, but if you use a warranty or go to a third-party repair center your screen or button repairs should be quite affordable. Shop around in your area or online to find the best deal for your specific model phone, and remember that screens for older models should be modestly priced.

  4. Repairs Can Take Only Minutes

    Many people hesitate to take their smartphone in for repairs because they believe they’ll be left without their device for days or weeks. Most repairs like screen replacement can be accomplished in minutes, with more intricate repairs maybe taking an hour. You can bring a book or grab lunch nearby and have your phone back on the same day! Reliable repair centers won’t take long with your phone.

  5. Your Phone Can Recover From Water Damage

    If your smartphone fell into the shower or took a dip in a bowl of water there is still hope it can be repaired. You probably know to remove the phone from water immediately and submerge it in rice, but if your phone still won’t turn on many repair centers have methods of bringing your phone back to life. Make the trip to a third-party repair professional before contacting the manufacturer or buying a new smartphone.

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