Device Power Cord Tips and Repair Approaches, Part 1

Aug 3, 2021

At FixIT Mobile, we’re proud to provide device repair services that cover every possible damage area for any of your electronics. From mobile needs like iPhone repair and Android repair to computer repair, tablet repair and many other services, we’re experienced with a variety of damage or issue types and how to resolve them quickly and in cost-effective manners. One broad area that’s maybe not as common as other repair types, but is still important for many clients, involves the cords and power supplies that help them run. You don’t tend to think much about these cords – that is, until something goes wrong with one, which in certain cases can lead to significant electrical or related damage not only to the cord itself, but also to your device. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over some general dos and don’ts for managing power cords for your devices and avoiding power cord issues, plus how to proceed in cases where such issues have already occurred.

Power Cord Management Tips

Some general areas to promote when it comes to the storage, management and general use of your computer, laptop, phone and other power cords:

  • Buy multiples: Especially if you are out and about often and use your devices regularly, having multiple charging cords for them – especially your phone, which is with you most often – is a great move to avoid issues.

  • Use power strips with surge protectors: These will protect not only the cords themselves, but also your devices from power surges or lightning strikes.

  • Color-code cords for storage: One of the simplest ways to avoid losing or mixing up cords is to color-code them for storage. This can be done by dotting one cord with a certain permanent marker, or it can be done using tape or a laundry tag.

Areas to Avoid

  • Cheaping out on chargers: With many devices, you can probably save a few bucks here or there by purchasing a cheaper, secondhand charger instead of the recommended version from the manufacturer. But long-term, this may cost you serious value, as such chargers may not have undergone proper testing and could be quite poor, actually causing damage to your device’s electrical connections and other areas over time.

  • Get too concerned about heat: Power bricks for certain devices, namely laptops, may get very hot. This concerns some users, but it should not – this is normal unless the device actually begins smoking or burning, in which case it should be unplugged immediately.

  • Rolling cords: One major area to avoid during cord storage is rolling up cords tightly, which may cause damage to thin cord insides. If rolling is your only option, do so loosely to avoid such damage.

For more on how to avoid damage to your phone and laptop power cords, or for information on what to do if such damage has occurred, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.