General Tips for Purchasing a Pre-Owned Phone

Mar 11, 2021

There are many industries where buying used is a completely legitimate pursuit, and smartphones are a good example here. While there are plenty of new phone options out there, it’s also easy to find high-quality pre-owned phones and other electronics that are a bit more affordable without sacrificing much or any quality level.

At FixIT Mobile, in addition to our high-quality device repair services, we’re also here to offer pre-owned phones and other electronics to all our clients looking for affordable options. Our refurbished phones go through a 60-point inspection and come with a 90-day warranty, carrying the Certified Pre-Owned title we know is important to many buyers. We’re also happy to provide expertise on how to go about searching for a used phone – there might be a few different considerations here than those who are buying new, and we want to ensure you have the best experience possible. Here’s a primer on how to properly go about buying a pre-owned phone.

Timing Considerations

First and foremost, when are the ideal times to buy a used phone? One of the best answers here tends to be the period just after a new phone model hits the market – at this point, the previous model will become less desirable and often will begun being sold for far less by those who want to upgrade to the newest device. These days, this means you could have a good buying opportunity once a year or once every few months. There are regularly new phone models or tweaks coming out from both Apple and Android. And while you don’t necessarily have to purchase used during one of these periods, they’re often the best for finding the optimal deals available.

Do Some Price Research

Especially if you have a particular phone model in mind, but even if you don’t, it pays to do some homework while you’re considering a used phone purchase. Look into areas like price (both original and aftermarket), plus specs like memory space, touchscreen format and others that matter to you. If you’re on a resource like eBay, look for items sold, not just items listed – this will give you a more complete picture of what similar phones have sold for and what you can expect to pay in your price range.

Reputable Sellers Only

And while we mentioned eBay above, we recommend taking great care if you’re using a source like this for a used phone sale. There remain unscrupulous individuals out there who may try to scam you, and using non-verified methods like those could be one method. Some of the common signs here include prices that seem too good to be true (they probably are), sellers with no or limited contact information, and those who are shady in their general dealings.

This is why going through a reputable, Certified Pre-Owned electronics dealer like ours at FixIT Mobile is your best bet for any used phone needs. We take all our pre-owned electronics through detailed, complex inspections and care formats before offering them for sale, plus offer a 90-day warranty on all our pre-owned phones. Avoid any risk of scam or a defective device by working with legitimate professionals like us.

Basic Inspection

Even when working with our quality pre-owned electronics department, we strongly encourage you to inspect any used phone yourself before purchasing it. While we’re 100% confident you’ll be impressed with what you see and won’t find any issues, it’s your right as a customer to get a close look at anything you purchase. Check for signs of visible damage or anything else you’re uncomfortable with, and do not be afraid to ask questions of the seller or get clarifications.

Meanwhile, any seller who won’t let you do this is raising some red flags. If this is the case, ask a simple question: Why won’t you let me examine the phone before I buy it? There really aren’t any good answers here, and this should be an immediate sign that you aren’t dealing with a reputable seller and should look in a different direction.

Self-Diagnostics and Repairs

Another similar but more in-depth method you might take when evaluating a used phone is running a self-diagnostic app. First and foremost: There are over 25 such apps available depending on which type of phone you use, so ask our pros about the best and most reputable options, as they vary in quality.

This area might require a little negotiation with the seller, though in cases like our pre-owned phone sales, our 90-day warranty makes for a very simple approach: You buy the phone if you’re happy with all the other elements we’ve gone over to this point. From here, you install a high-quality self-diagnostic app – again, our team is happy to make recommendations between top options like TestM, Phone Diagnostics and LetsVerify.

If the self-diagnostic report from this app suggests that the phone requires service or repair, our warranty allows you to bring the item back and receive these free-of-charge. Again, this is why working with reputable pros is so important – with a private seller, this kind of arrangement would either be impossible or very hard to achieve. But by working with pros who put time and money behind our quality guarantees, you know you’re covered in case anything does malfunction with the phone.

For more on how to buy a pre-owned phone correctly, or to learn about any of our phone repair, tablet repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.