Get Your Gaming Fix: Our 5 Favorite iPad Games

Dec 28, 2018

Most people use their iPads for taking photos and using social media. iPads also make great e-book readers. Apple boasts over a quarter of the tablet market, and in the fourth quarter of 2018, they shipped 9.67 million units. If you’re one of those millions, it’s likely you enjoy playing games on your iPad, whether casually or seriously, alone on your commute, or sitting in the family room.

We’d like to recommend five of our favorite iPad games. Some of them are staples, and others new to the market. We’ve kept this list mainly kid friendly, though you’ll find some might work better for teens and adults only.


Civilization VI

Civilization is a series of comprehensive world-building strategy games, in which you begin a civilization and nurture it towards victory. You can even win with the proliferation of science. If you enjoy resource management, history, and learning more about world cultures, this is the game for you. Like its other incarnations, Civ VI features multiple game play modes so you can adjust challenge level and the length of time the full game will take to play.

Civ features some general depictions of violence and war, and it’s best for teens and adults.

Reigns: Her Majesty

Imagine being a powerful queen in a renaissance environment. Facing the reality of finding the perfect court is quite a challenge. Enter Reigns: Her Majesty, which is all about using a Tinder-type system to accomplish your goals. Explore harsh decisions and court politics and intrigue.

This game is appropriate for adults and teens.

Toy Blast

Like puzzles, bright colors, and something you can play with children? Check out Toy Blast. Get the satisfaction of popping cubes and exploring thousands of levels. Remember: you can use family sharing set up on your apple devices, allowing your entire family to access this app after purchase.

Teeny Titans Go!

Produced by Cartoon Network, Teeny Titans Go! is a Pokemon-esque adventure all about battling your Teen Titans. Win battles and collect virtual objects to obtain victory while enjoying a flawless cartoon feel.

This one has some mild cartoon violence, but it’s generally appropriate for all ages.

Monument Valley

A popular puzzle game, Monument Valley lets you complete puzzles and discover an enchanting world. This game is friendly for all ages and is known for its stunning design and breathtaking landscapes. This game also tackles concepts like self-discovery and forgiveness in the background.

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