How 5G Impacts Phone Quality and Phone Repair Needs

Oct 5, 2020

The smartphone industry is one that’s constantly evolving, and one of the major thresholds here across phone carriers and manufacturers is the move to 5G connectivity. Already present in many areas of the country, 5G service is a big speed upgrade for most phone users, presenting various benefits and changes to the mobile landscape.

At FixIT Mobile, we’re happy to answer any 5G-related questions as they pertain to our phone repair services or our pre-owned phone sales. What exactly is 5G, why should you care about it as a phone owner, and what is the potential impact of this upgrade throughout the smartphone universe on future phone repairs and repair demand? This quick primer will go over everything you need to know about 5G cell phone service.

Basics on 5G

What does 5G mean, anyway? Well, it’s a descriptor for the latest generation of cell phone data networks, and naturally the fastest and most robust to date. Reportedly, users of 5G networks can obtain speeds of up to 20 gigabytes per second for downloads, crazy levels of speed that computer users a decade ago couldn’t have dreamed of.

To get a bit more technical, 5G is an abbreviation for the fifth generation of wireless cell technology. The previous iteration, 4G, began showing up around 2010 and was common in most phones by 2013. However, 5G brings some major upgrades, including not only speed but also the ability to connect multiple devices at the same time and far better responsiveness.

Largely Unchanged

Now, for a majority of current smartphone users, this 5G implementation that’s already begun taking place won’t impact you immediately. For one, many 3G and 4G networks will continue to function as-is for at least several years into the future – they will only cease to function once they’re totally obsolete, which won’t happen for a while.

Beyond this, even those who have already seen the 5G upgrade – and are in an area where it’s active – may only notice small differences for now. You’ll definitely see improved video streaming capability and better data transmission, but don’t expect massive sea changes in the short-term.

Potential Impact on Repairs

There are a couple potential areas where the 5G upgrade could impact smartphone repairs. They include:

  • Supply and demand: As we’ve noted, 5G remains in its infancy for now. There have been some delays with its full adoption among devices. Over time, though, as more carriers build their 5G networks and demand increases, certain repairs may change in terms of their own level of demand and how long they take as a result. This is an area we don’t truly know every part of yet, but will develop over the upcoming months and years.

  • Mods: Another area that’s only just getting started is potential modifications to current smartphones to allow them to access 5G networks. At present, such modifications are not generally very cost-effective compared with simply purchasing a new phone – but this is an area that’s prone to rapid change, and there could be effective mods on the market within even a few months.

For more on 5G service and how it will impact your phone and phone repair solutions in the future, or to learn about any of our device repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.