How Much Does an iPad Tablet Repair Cost?

Dec 20, 2018

Tablet repair costs vary heavily based upon the device damage and the component needing to be replaced. Until you bring it in for assessment, it’s tough to know the total cost of repair. When it comes to a key device like a tablet, which you use for reading, gaming, relaxation, work, and communicating with your family, having a damaged device is understandably stressful. When you see a cracked screen, it’s easy to go to a worst-case-scenario zone, in which tablet repair costs more than the original iPad.

Before you worry more over the costs, let’s take a look at the reality of iPad tablet repair cost.

ipad repair cost

iPad Tablet Repair Costs Vary Depending on Model 

Repair pricing for iPads depends heavily upon the model. Screen repair in particular boasts a large variance as it’s based upon the size of your screen. Headphone device type also makes an impact, as Apple stopped manufacturing devices with standard audio jacks. However, battery replacement for most iPad devices starts at $105 with installation fee.

Tablet Screen Repair Costs

Newer models, like the iPad pro, have a set screen repair cost at Bad Apple, usually in the $300-$350 range. For older iPads, the screen and LCD repair costs are separate. That’s why it’s important to assess the damage rather than assuming the worst—sometimes it’s a screen-only repair, and that will run around $160.

The Cost to Repair iPad Tablet Power and Charging Problems

iPad charging problems are among the most frustrating. We’ll help you make sure it isn’t just a faulty cord or plug, and after that test, we’ll look at component replacement options. The charging port is a common point of failure for iPads. At FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple, those generally run around $100-$150 to replace.

Repair Cost of Other Common iPad Issues

If your iPad has issues with the volume, it could be one or more causes. Again, this is why we recommend coming in right away. Faulty volume buttons usually come in at under $100 total, which is a comparatively inexpensive fix when you’re worried about replacing the entire device.

Camera malfunctions are also frustrating for iPad users. We use our tablets to capture our favorite memories, including birthday parties. They’re also ideal for capturing printed document images for work or personal purposes.

Most iPads have both front and rear cameras, and those have separate repair costs. Those start at $105 each. Like the LCD/screen of some iPads, you may only need one of these components replaced.

Need a Fast iPad Repair in Utah?

Most people also don’t realize that tablet repair can sometimes take as little as an hour. We’ll take a look at your iPad, give you a cost estimate, and get to work—usually resulting in hours-long or same-day repair. We operate throughout Utah.