5 Ways to Express Yourself in Your Text Messages

May 12, 2020

Apple Messages: Features That Evade You

As the magic of texting fades, a new and exciting way to convey emotion in your messages is introduced. If you have an Apple device running iOS 10 or later, iMessages just got a lot better.

Messages can speak a thousand words too.

We all have emotions that drive us. How would it feel if we could communicate those emotions through messaging? It's difficult to convey emotion through plain texting. Now you can say it proud, say it loud, or even whisper to your friends and family.

In a message, tap and hold the send button to choose a bubble or screen effect.

Write a message > Tap-and-hold the Send button > Tap to preview bubble effect > Tap the Send button

Write a message > Tap-and-hold the Send button > Tap 'Screen' at the top > Swipe left to browse screen effects > Tap Send button

Save time with reactions.

If you’ve ever been in a group thread that’s blowing up with “lol’s” and “haha’s”, you know how it feels to scroll up (for what can seem like an eternity) to review the punchline you missed. If you’re really unlucky, somebody will respond in that thread mid-scroll, immediately taking you back to the bottom! You can say goodbye to endless scrolling because a new reactions feature gives you the ability to quickly respond with two simple gestures!

Like, Laugh, Love, Question, Emphasize or Disapprove a message.

Tap-and-hold a message > Tap an option to immediately react

Tap your reaction to change it | Tap any reaction to see it's owner

Fun with Stickers.

Spice up any conversation with a variety of stickers you can quickly send, or peel and stick on any message in the thread! You can download a number of sticker packs (Free and Paid in the Messages App Store) to enhance and illustrate a story within your conversation.

Tap and hold to peel and drag a sticker onto any message, or simply tap to send it quickly.

Tap arrow next to text field > Tap App Store icon > Swipe left/right to cycle Sticker packs

Tap-and-hold sticker to peel-and-drag onto any message | Tap sticker > Tap Send button

Messages App Store

You can do so much more in iMessage than simply text. With the Messages App Store, browse sticker packs, download and play fun games, draw doodles for your friends and even send money with your favorite finance app! All of this and more with the new Messages App Store.

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Enjoy more than simple text in your messages.

Now that you have the basics of iMessages exciting new possibilities, the next step is to spread the love and share them with family and friends! The more loved ones you share this with, the more conversations you’ll be having that are exciting and personal. You can also subscribe to this blog for more awesome articles on the benefits technology can add to you and your family’s lives.

Tap bottom left icon to open App Drawer > Tap top left plus icon to download more fun Messages Apps