iPhone 7 Loop Disease Basics and Solutions, Part 1

Aug 5, 2020

While some aren’t necessarily aware of this, there are multiple types of damage or negative issues possible with various smartphone models. The most well-known are impact concerns that lead to problems like cracked screens and broken phones, but there are also several others, including a handful of “diseases” that may impact various components of certain smartphone models.

At FixIT Mobile, our phone repair services include a wide array of possible issues, from screen repairs up to specific areas of damage or even various phone “diseases.” One primary example of such a disease, one that’s specific to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, is known as Loop Disease, one that was so significant it even led to a class action lawsuit. This multi-part blog will go over what loop disease is and how it may affect those who own these phone models, plus how to recognize it and remedy it.

iPhone 7 Loop Disease Basics

Loop disease in various iPhone 7 models is the second generation following what was known as iPhone 6 touch disease, but in this case it’s known to impact audio functions in the phone. It refers to a number of different audio-related bugs that may impact the phone – strange sounds may come from the speakers, plus you may have microphone problems, calls where the person on the other line can’t hear you, and an inaccessible speaker button.

In many cases, loop disease will impact the entire phone’s operations when it’s serious enough. It will cause the device to slow down, freeze or get stuck while botting up.

Lawsuit Issues

As we noted above, a class action lawsuit was filed in the US District Court of Illinois over the loop disease issue. The lawsuit was filed against, Apple, claiming they knew of and concealed a hardware defect that leads to this disease and related issues (in the complaint, the condition is also referred to as “Audio IC Defect.” This is not the first time Apple has faced such scrutiny – the touch disease we referenced for iPhone 6 also generated similar lawsuits.

Is it Affecting Your Device?

How can you know if your iPhone 7 model might be undergoing loop disease symptoms? There will be several signs, many of which will worsen with time. In many cases, users do not connect the initial symptoms of loop disease with its actual cause – occasional freezing or periodic sticking on the Apple logo might not be enough to really raise suspicions. Later on, though, when the phone begins to loop infinitely until it’s reset, the condition becomes more noticeable.

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