Is Your Kid Ready For A Cell Phone?

May 12, 2020

How to tell if your child is ready for a cell phone!

So your child wants their own phone. You’ve known this moment was coming for a long time, and you still weren’t ready with a response when the question came. Don't worry! You’re not alone. Every parent in the digital age has been there; 75% of American children under 8 have access to a smartphone or tablet. We put together some tips for you so you can decide if your kid is ready for a cell phone or not!

How old are they?

Age is a major factor in deciding if your kids can handle a cell phone or not! While the majority of children of all ages have access to a smartphone or tablet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your 11 yr old needs a brand new iPhone 7. If you have younger kids who want a phone, maybe opt for a less expensive device to start out! The iPhone 5 series is a perfect start if you’re looking to go cheap but still give your kids some smartphone-freedom.

Do your kids show a sense of responsibility?

Do your kids get their homework done on time? Meet curfews? Take care of a pet? Clean their rooms without you having to ask three times? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then they may be ready for a cell phone of their own! On the flip side, if they’re not taking care of their things; losing or breaking stuff, there’s no reason to say they won't do the same to a phone!

Would having easy access to friends benefit them for social reasons?

If your child is homeschooled or shy and doesn’t get a lot of social time with friends, a cell phone might be something to consider.

Do you think they'll use cell phones responsibly?

Having a phone is a responsibility. Period. A lot of kids get excited by having a phone and go a little crazy with the freedom. I.E. texting during class, listening to music during family dinner, downloading every social media known to man.. Make sure to set boundaries if your kids have phones! Make sure they know to have it turned on so you can reach them if you need to.

Do your kids need to be in touch for safety reasons?

Do you work late and aren't home when your children are out of school? Cell phones are a good way to check in with the kids and make sure they’re safe anytime.

Is Your Kid Ready for A Cellphone?

Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to questions like these. There's no parenting handbook. Every child is different and will handle responsibility differently. The decision is yours! If you trust your child and think that they can take care of it, they’re probably ready. After all, who knows your kids better than you? Save money on devices for your kids by buying used!