Kids and Technology Can be Friends

May 12, 2020

Kids and Technology Can Be Friends

Our Little Ones Really Are Tech Savvy

Do you let your kids play with your mobile phone, iPad, or tablet?

Most likely, your answer is a "Yes." Regardless of how we feel about it, both kids and technology are here to stay. Young children quickly adapt to changing technologies. Two and three-year-olds can swipe, point, and click like pros. You may feel a little guilty when you hand your phone or tablet to your toddler, but in moderation, it's OK to let your little ones entertain themselves. Here are some words of wisdom from a mom who is also a medical doctor.

Little Hands Can Be Tough!

If you allow your kids play with your expensive iPhone or Android device, you know that little hands can be tough on electronic gadgets. You don't want your two-year-old to throw a tantrum while she has your iPhone in her possession. Nor do you want one of your older kids to decide to "experiment" with your mobile phone. Let's see, "Does the phone work when it's under water?" Hmmm... Can we throw it around like a ball?

On the low-risk side of the spectrum, (hypothetically speaking), when kids and technology collide, you may be locked out of your phone. Yes, it happens. You can't ask a three-year-old to remember what he entered when he changed your password. On the other side of the spectrum, is the moment that your phone or iPad gets stomped on by a kid playing the role of "Godzilla Child from Hades." At that point, it's off to the cell phone repair shop where miracles happen.

There's a Fix For That

Yes, indeed. No matter what's happened to your phone or tablet a trip to the cell phone repair shop is worth it. Your mobile phone is a backup for your brain. Losing the data it holds is a greater loss than the phone itself. From cracked screens to water damage, there's a fix for that. Also, consider getting a protection plan for your phone right up front, so that in the event your kid decides that your phone is a toss up toy, you're protected. Kids and technology can be friends.