Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency on a Tablet

Feb 21, 2022

While we're most well-known for our device repair services at FixIT Mobile, from phone repairs to tablet repairs and more, we're also happy to assist clients with basic themes for everyday use. We often provide simple expertise on a number of areas, from optimized app usage to several other themes.

One such theme that can be tough for some tablet users: Remaining productive! Tablets offer so many fun, engaging features that some who are using them for work or other important needs may struggle to stay focused -- or may not have set up their tablets in the ideal manner to streamline their tasks. Here are some simple tricks we often provide to clients who want to do better with organization and productivity on their tablets.

Customize Dock and Widgets

One major value-add area of both iPads and other tablet types is your ability to completely personalize the experience. For starters, you can customize the Dock on the bottom of your home screen to include whichever apps you want to access frequently or that are integral to your workflow.

You also have the power to control which widgets you see in Notification Center based on apps. Simply swipe down from any home screen and click "Edit" at the top, then simply click and drag the widgets you wish to see. From here, feel free to personalize your experience even further by customizing how each widget looks on your screen.

Utilize Split View

For tablets that support it, Split View is a fantastic function that allows you to actually use multiple apps on your screen at the same time. By simply dragging one app to either side of your screen, you can view both simultaneously.

Connection Through the Cloud

For many who use tablets for business, it might be more efficient to actually access your files and data through the cloud rather than on the tablet itself. This allows you to easily update and save important documents while on-the-go, without requiring you to sync your device with a computer or other more cumbersome options. This also ensures the security of your data by requiring a login, so only you are able to access it.

Easy File Management

Another fantastic feature of today's tablets is the ability to access multiple files in one place. Many people rely on Dropbox to store much of their important files, and tablets allow you easily view these documents when needed. Simply download the official Dropbox app (or other file management apps, like Google Drive or OneDrive), then use iCloud or other online services to sync your different devices with the cloud.

For more on how to streamline your productivity with any tablet, or to learn about our phone repair, tablet repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.