Mobile Marvels That You Must Have For Your Smartphone

May 12, 2020

Mobile Marvels

Here are 10 of the coolest mobile gadgets that work with your new smartphone to make your life easier and more fun!

Preventative Maintenance.

Panlong Bluetooth OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner - For all of the car enthusiasts out there this is the ultimate automotive tool designed to work with a mobile app for your Android or Apple smartphone. It allows you to do what your dealer often charges $50 or more to do. With the easy to use app you can see what your car is trying to tell you when the check engine light comes on. In many cases, it is something very simple that you can fix without having to take your car to the shop and it’ll most likely save you some money. There are many features such as speed/torque/temperature information, trip mileage logs and more. Oh, and by the way, you can get this entire mobile setup for around $20!

Did You See That!?

Lumenati CS1 - Currently available for pre-order, the “World’s First Cinematic Smartcase” allows you turn your already awesome smartphone camera into an advanced mobile media powerhouse. Lightweight and slim, the Lumenati CS1 is a pro style, handheld video camera device that you slide your phone in. It comes with a much larger and wider lens that allows for significantly more natural light to enter and offers options for lighting, microphone, and various lens attachments. The CS1 is a must have for film students, extreme athletes or even for a family vacation!

Who Needs A DSLR?

ZTYLUS - While there are many options for additional camera lenses for your mobile phone these days, the ZTYLUS case is our current champion. It takes into account that you not only want multiple camera lenses that are easy to take with you, but it also considers that people don’t want a bulky case on their phone all the time. The slim plastic shell offers decent corner protection and contains a slot where you can add or remove the slightly larger rotating lens accessory. The thin, circular camera addition comes with four fold-out lenses which will allow you to capture the perfect moment regardless of conditions!

You Take Phone Calls How!?

Sgnl Smart Band - The Sgnl Strap is an advanced smartwatch band that replaces your original watch band. It pairs with your mobile phone and allows you to make and take calls by pressing your finger to your ear. Yes, it actually works. It’s an attractive, quality band that will also provide most common features of your typical sports watch band like activity monitoring and reminders.

The Ultimate All-in-one

Powerclip - This fancy mobile friendly device almost has too many features to list. The PowerClip Pro can charge your phone with its built-in battery; help find your misplaced keys or phone with its Bluetooth locator, securely store your data with its 8gb built-in storage; track your daily physical activity, and even has a built-in LED flashlight. They offer three options; The PowerClip Micro, PowerClip Pro, and PowerClip Pro32. The PowerClip Pro is about the size of a small credit card only a little thicker. Plenty small enough to fit on your keyring. If you’re a smartphone addict, you must have this device!

I like the way that sounds.

HY - Finally someone has taken a different approach to the conventional earbud. The HY Concealed Smart Earbuds sit behind the earlobe and use vibration technology to deliver high-quality sound. Using a noise cancellation system developed by a leading Austrian Semiconductor company, you won’t have to worry about ambient sounds from a crowded intersection ruining your phone calls or music. You can also ask the earbuds questions as they are always listening. Get answers to tough questions or turn by turn directions right in your ear.

No light? No problem.

Snooperscope - Forget bulky, expensive night vision goggles. Most industrial strength models run into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Now there is an impressive, compact, mobile friendly night vision scope that will not only let you see clearly in complete darkness but is optimized to record and share your experiences as well. The Snooperscope also allows for live streaming so others can share in your adventure. You can pick up a Snooperscope on Amazon for under $200!

Eye can take a picture for you.

Blincam - Never miss a moment again with the Blincam glasses attachment. This nifty little smart camera hooks to the side of your glasses and allows you to take pictures simply by winking or blinking. It’s the ultimate hands-free snapper! It comes with built-in memory to save all of those photos and also supports Bluetooth transfer, web upload, and social media sharing.

Capture the moment.

Pickit - The Pickit Mobile Photo Printer is the perfect smartphone accessory to turn your digital images into actual paper photos. They offer a few different models, and they are all lightweight and easy to use. Ideal for those special moments such as weddings, anniversaries, family vacations or a weekend getaway to the beach!

Bump and Run.

Sphero Ollie - The Sphero Ollie is the ultimate land conquering toy for your smartphone. This small cylinder shaped object, not much bigger than most mobile phones, has two rubber wheel bands that go around each end and allow this little beast to perform all sorts of tricks at surprisingly high speeds. It’s great around the house, schoolyard or even off-road; pairs via Bluetooth, and will last about an hour per full charge. It’s extremely durable and will keep you wildly entertained.