Next Gen Consoles and Games Coming in 2020

May 23, 2020

2020 won’t be winning any best-year-ever awards, but if you’re a gamer, it might not totally suck either. There are several highly anticipated gaming systems and games set to release this year. Here’s what to expect:


The PS5 Vs. The Xbox X series

The fifth generation of the PlayStation console will be vying with the fourth generation Xbox for gamers’ attention this holiday season. Some gamers will face a tough decision about where to put their money as this year’s Xbox and PlayStation look more similar to each other than they ever have before. The two systems have almost identical specs, and both promise 8K visuals, faster loading times, and a new lighting feature called ray tracing.

There are a few significant differences. The Xbox X series is the more powerful machine, and some enthusiasts say that it does a better job of boosting visuals on any game you play. The PlayStation 5, on the other hand, can only present 8k visuals on games that are specially engineered for it. This may not matter to many consumers since 8K graphics are only possible on an 8K television, and it will be a while before those are in our homes.

The other difference between the two systems is access to exclusive games. PlayStation is in the lead when it comes to exclusive offerings, and this makes the system attractive to those who are always looking for more variety. Xbox X will still feature the wildly popular Xbox Game Pass subscription service. It is also expected (though not confirmed) that other services like Xbox Live will be available on the new console.

For those interested in VR, the PlayStation 5 has a leg up over the Xbox X. Sony makes the most popular and affordable VR system, and the company has stated that it will be compatible with the PlayStation 5. Since the new console will be backward compatible with your PS4 games, you should be able to play your last-gen VR games as well. In case you are wondering, the new Xbox will also be backward compatible with over 600 Xbox and Xbox 360 games.


Next-Gen Games

2020 has already seen a host of exciting new game releases for existing systems, and there are more to come. Since both the new Xbox and the new PlayStation will be backward compatible, you can feel free to buy games for your current system even if you plan on upgrading later this year. So what games are being created specifically for the new consoles?

Xbox has a new Halo offering made for the Xbox X series. Halo Infinite will continue Master Chief's journey and introduce some new characters as well. It is built on a new engine called Slipspace and promises to take advantage of the Xbox X's increased power. It will be released during the holidays this year and will be available on Game Pass.

Godfall is the only PS5 exclusive to be confirmed so far, but Sony’s CEO has promised a full list soon, and fans are abuzz with speculation about their favorite game franchises. Other exciting releases for both consoles include Assassins Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, and Rainbow Six Quarantine.