Non-Repair Phone Issues: Battery, Topography, Magnets

Jan 5, 2021

At FixIT Mobile, the top goal of all our phone repairs and other device repair services is your convenience and comfort. We look for the most efficient and affordable repair route in every situation, saving you both time and money while maintaining the quality and usability of your electronics. This also includes one important area that may not necessarily benefit us directly, but benefits our customers greatly and is therefore a major emphasis: Informing you of when phone repairs are not likely to solve the issue your phone is experiencing or has experienced. Specifically, there are a wide range of environmental impacts, bad habits and other behaviors that may cause issues in smartphones that appear similar to repairable concerns – but, in reality, are not. This multi-part blog will go over several of these issues that you may think require phone repair, but actually just call for some changing behavior or other areas of patience.

Battery Issues

The most common sort of issue we’re referencing here is those that impact transmissions, whether in the form of poor reception, inability to pick up calls or other functional concerns during calls. In some cases, these kinds of issues absolutely do represent internal component malfunctions or other areas that can be remedied with phone repair. However, in other situations, all these issues are telling you is that your battery is either low or wearing down. At minimum, try recharging the battery to see if the issues are resolved – if not, you can even try replacing the battery altogether. In many cases, your phone doesn’t actually need repairs; it just needs a better battery.

Topography Concerns

Another issue that’s related to transmissions and call quality is that of topography, which is also another areas some users confuse their phone’s problems. While you might think your phone is malfunctioning in some internal way when you can’t get reception, especially while driving or moving, the actual cause might be the topography of the area – perhaps the nearest cell tower is behind a large mountain, for instance, or is being blocked by some kind of temporary interference. Before simply assuming your phone is broken, ensure this isn’t a location-specific issue taking place.

Magnetic Interference

Has your phone suddenly started to go haywire in a specific area, with fuzzy screen displays, dropped calls and other issues? If you can find no other cause here, the problem could be the presence of a powerful magnet – these items interfere significantly with phone use and quality, and will sometimes render a phone completely useless while standing near them. If you’re anywhere where magnets are present, this could be your issue rather than some internal device malfunction. If your phone has regular such issues, ensure you don’t have a magnet in your wallet, on your keychain or in a similar area.

For more on the non-repair causes of certain phone issues, or to learn about any of our phone repair, tablet repair, laptop repair or related services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.