Now Vs. Traditional Smart Tech on a Budget

Jan 17, 2019

Technology sales continue to climb as new gadgets, devices, and updates to mainstays are released in dizzying succession. Many buyers miss out on big savings by going straight to the biggest retailer or outfitting their home with new tech in a traditional, outmoded method. More expensive doesn’t mean better - here’s how to make wiser and more affordable choices when buying the latest tech.


The Traditional Way - choose between cable or satellite, paying a high premium to access movies, live events, and your favorite shows.

  • Average monthly cost of satellite TV: $94.56

  • Yearly cost: $1134.72

The Smarter Way - first, subscribe to streaming services that grant you access to a vast selection of current and classic TV and film at a fraction of the cost. Next, buy a digital TV antenna to see live events like the news, the Olympics, and more.

Switch to the smarter way to pay for TV to save $592.08 a year, which can buy you 1,426 bags of microwave popcorn for all the movies and shows you’ll be watching.


The Traditional Way - spend hundreds of dollars on the top-tier suites to solve your daily software woes.

The Smarter Way - Dig around and do some online research to find comparable, open source software that provides the same solutions at no cost or for an extremely low one-time fee.

By finding more affordable software you can save $624.75, which would pay for 227 cups of coffee to keep you fueled while working at your desk.


The Traditional Way - The old method of buying into a 2-year contract with your carrier in order to receive a discount on your next smartphone has been dead since 2016. Purchasing a smartphone now requires a lump sum payment or monthly installment payments to account for the full cost. Many buyers still go to the carrier’s store to purchase the latest model phone, even though smartphone prices continue to climb and there is no benefit for shopping through a major carrier.

The Smarter Way - Save hundreds of dollars by opting for a certified pre-owned phone from a third-party seller like Fixit Mobile. Choosing to shop at Fixit Mobile for your latest smartphone purchase will allow you to cut costs without limiting your selection of carrier or phone model.

  • Average certified pre-owned smartphone: $119

Purchasing a certified pre-owned phone online instead of heading to a local store can save you $448, which will pay for more than 8 months of your monthly phone bill. Buying a phone shouldn’t empty your savings account - shop smarter with Fixit Mobile.