Our Two Tiered Pricing Options

Feb 2, 2017

It only takes a second of slippery fingers to drop your phone, turning your fantastic touchscreen into a spider’s web of cracks, just waiting to cut up your fingertips.

We Offer the Highest Standards in Smartphone Repairs

Since the very beginning of FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple, we’ve provided only the highest quality in repairs and replacement parts. This means that while some of our competitors have undercut our pricing by using cheaper aftermarket options for replacement screens, we maintain a name for quality repairs and high standards. We believe that a repair that will fall apart or crack just a few weeks after you take it home isn’t a repair at all.

Because we have such stringent requirements in the quality of our repair parts, up to this point we’ve offered nothing other than premium original equipment parts to do repairs and replacements. However, we’ve recently built a relationship with a supplier who provides screens that meet our high standards, at a lower price. That means that we can now provide our customers with value pricing on repairs for cracked and damaged screens.

However, we still want to provide the option of brand new, premium original parts for those who want the highest quality. That’s why we’ve introduced two-tier pricing. Here’s a guide to the two options:

FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple Premium Screen Replacement

  • 90-Day Limited Warranty*

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) LCD and Digitizer assembly, which means:

    • Sharpest Image Quality creating a brighter image, more vibrant colors, and maximum viewing angle.

    • Highest Quality OEM Glass

    • Highest Quality OEM Frame

    • Best Touch Response

FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple Value Screen Replacement

  • 90-Day Limited Warranty*

  • Highest Quality Aftermarket LCD and Digitizer Assembly.

  • High Quality Glass

  • High Quality Frame

  • Lower cost option

  • Made to meet OEM standards and functions

So, if you’ve been putting up with a cracked screen because of the cost of replacement, give us a call. We can help your phone look like new again, with a warranty that will give you peace of mind, at a value that your wallet will thank you for. Contact us for more details and a price estimate for your phone.