Phone Charging Hazards and Safety Precautions, Part 1

Oct 5, 2020

There are a few areas of standard smartphone use that can present risks to the device if they aren’t carried out properly, and a good example here is charging. While everyone must charge their phone on a regular basis, doing so incorrectly or while utilizing the wrong products can present risks, not only to the device but also to your safety and surroundings.

At FixIT Mobile, battery and charging issues are just some of the wide range of concerns we cover with our phone repair services, which also include screen repairs, water damage and many other areas. What are some of the common issues that have taken place regarding cell phones and charging concerns in the past, including those that have made popular headlines? Furthermore, how can you prevent charging and battery issues in any smartphone device? This two-part blog series will look into everything you should know about this realm.

Charging Issues in the Headlines

Back in the early parts of 2020, research was being done on the risks of burns due to mobile phone chargers in children. The research was brought on by reports of such burns or related issues with cell phone chargers. This was not an isolated issue, unfortunately. Several others reported similar physical injuries while using generic recharging devices, with a particular risk appearing present for teenagers because they’re most likely to use such generic devices. As a result, a microscope was placed on this area of the cell phone industry.

Manufacturer Devices Only

The primary cause of the concern was one we noted: Those injured were using generic charging devices, not those specifically designed for their phone. This is a common practice among many, not only for phones but also for laptops, tablets and other devices. Such chargers are easy to find and are also often cheaper than normal chargers, so it’s understandable why so many default to them.

Unfortunately, this poses risks. Not all chargers can create the same level of charge, but different devices come with varying requirements here. You might overcharge a device, which will overheat its battery and run the risk of fires or related concerns.

Other Battery Risks

There are also other risks you should do your best to avoid when it comes to battery failure and fire susceptibility:

  • Damage risks: Dropping, denting or otherwise damaging the phone or battery

  • Manufacture defects: Certain product recalls or defects have also made the news as causes of fires or other battery issues

  • External heat: Caused by leaving the phone in the car or in the heavy sun

For more on the risks associated with improper charging or the use of unapproved devices, or to learn about any of our phone repair or laptop repair, table repair and other device repair solutions, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.