Preventing a Cracked Screen

Mar 15, 2017

Hands-down, the most common problem that we see in our stores is a cracked screen, and we’ve heard every crazy story. We’ve heard from people who have dropped their phones out of 5-story windows. We’ve talked to customers who have run over their phone with a car, and others who have lost their phone to their dog’s questionable mercy. Ever since iPhones came onto the market, cracked screens from accidents are a problem that we’ve been trying to solve.

Although most of the time, a crack won’t stop your smartphone from working, it will be terribly inconvenient. Depending on what kind of screen it is, it might even cause injury when you try to do your usual swipes and taps.

Most of us really love our smartphones. They’re usually the first things we see in the morning, and the last things we see at night. Without them, we feel crippled. And yet, not very many of us take the precautions that we should to protect our investment. Here are a few steps that you can take to lower your risk of cracking a screen:

1: Get a Phone Case

Sure, there are plenty of fashion cases that look really cute, but take a moment to consider how well it protects your phone. Phone cases range from cheap plastic that will just crack along with the rest of your phone, to hard-core, waterproof cases that could be run over by a semi truck and not show a single dent. The best phone cases will absorb shock. Beyond that, it will be a matter of personal preference, whether you think that water-resistance is necessary, what texture you like it to be, etc.

2: Get a Screen Cover

Although they were practically a given back when smartphones first came out, today scratch-resistant advances in tech have made screen covers less common. However, they can still be useful to prevent cracked and shattered screens. Certain screen protectors will shatter themselves without the original screen showing a single crack. Others simply help to absorb shock and prevent damage from spreading.

3: Try a Wristlet

This is a trend that went out of fashion a while ago, but it can still be useful to prevent dropped and broken phones. Imagine dropping your phone while you’re taking a picture out the window of a moving car. Or, how many of us have dropped our phones right onto our own faces while we’re laying on the ground, browsing through Instagram? Either problem can be prevented if you get in the habit of a keychain-style loop wrapped around your wrist when you’re using your phone in a risky position.

Of course, the best way to prevent a cracked screen is not to drop your phone in the first place. Set good habits of putting your phone in a safe pocket, not texting and walking, and placing it on a sturdy surface when you set it down.

And just in case you still happen to drop your phone… we’re here for you. We offer value and premium pricing so that you can repair your phone even if your budget doesn’t allow for a big expenditure. We also sell phone accessories, as well as used and refurbished phones and devices.