Prevention Tactics Against Computer or Laptop Damage, Part 1

Jul 10, 2020

We offer a wide variety of computer and laptop repairs at FixIT Mobile, assisting numerous clients with minor and major repair needs for some of their most high-value electronics. Whether you’re dealing with physical issues like a cracked screen or water damage, Wi-Fi problems or even software viruses and battery issues, we’re here to help restore your devices to a good-as-new state. Additionally, we’re here to help all our clients take the proper precautions and ensure such damage does not occur again in the future – or never takes place to begin with. When it comes to laptops and desktop computers, there are several important areas to consider when it comes to preventing a few common forms of damage. This multi-part blog series will dig into several approaches we can recommend when it comes to preventing computer or laptop damage and related issues during daily use.

Computer Placement and Overheating Avoidance

One of the first considerations to make anytime you purchase a new computer or laptop is where it’s generally placed during primary use. For desktop computers that will sit in a single location, you want to ensure there’s no risk of other objects falling onto or otherwise impacting the computer, plus that it’s carefully placed away from children, pets and major foot traffic.

Another major factor to consider for computer placement is avoiding overheating risks, which can create significant damage in some cases. If possible, keep the computer in a cool and well-ventilated area where it is not blocked by any soft surfaces. For laptop owners, there are cooling pads available to help protect the device from overheating no matter where you’re using it.

File Backups

Even the best computers and laptops will see their hard drives fail after a long enough period of time, and this is why it’s vital to regularly back up your files on all devices. You can either use cloud-based programs or purchase external hard drives, though the latter may also fail at times and should not be trusted alone.

Anti-Virus Installation

As we noted above, computer damage isn’t only reserved to hardware areas – it can take place within software as well, namely viruses and other malicious programs like malware and spyware. Ensure you have proper anti-virus and other programs in place to track and block such malicious software in all cases. Such anti-virus software will need to be regularly updated, just like file backups, so be sure you’re regularly on top of the latest needs here.

For more on how to protect your computer and laptop from damage risks, or to learn about any of our computer repair, phone repair or other services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.