Prevention Tactics Against Computer or Laptop Damage, Part 2

Jul 10, 2020

In part one of this multi-part blog series, we went over some of the primary methods computer and laptop owners can use to protect their devices. As some of the highest-value electronics you’re likely to own, it’s important to protect these items from risks of damage, both to hardware and software. At FixIT Mobile, not only do we provide comprehensive computer repair, laptop repair and repair for numerous other devices and screens, we also bring expertise to all our clients on how to avoid such repeated issues in the future. Here are a few more tips on protecting your computer or laptop from damage on a regular basis.

Coverings and Cases

There are numerous items that can be purchased specifically to protect laptops and desktop computers from damage. These range from basic plastic coverings to carrying cases, screen protectors and several others depending on your needs.

Simply put, you should take advantage of these items available to you. Even if you take great care when handling or transporting such electronics, you never know when a single slip-up might cost you huge sums of money due to damage caused. With the proper protectors, you’ll be covered even if there’s an accident at some point.

Label Your Accessories

You might be shocked at how many separate repair visits we’ve seen in our stores based on customers who tried to connect or using the wrong accessories or attachments with their computers. While modern types have eliminated some of these risks, there are many cases where attempting to charge your computer with the wrong charger type may actually damage it or its battery, and similar realities exist with other accessories.

For this reason, we highly recommend labeling all your accessories, especially if you have more than one laptop or computer. Damage due to compatibility concerns is completely avoidable as long as you label things properly.

Email and Social Media Care

We talked in part one about protecting software areas in addition to hardware, and one major factor here is taking care while using email and social media. In particular, never click on links or emails from sources you don’t know – they may feature viruses or phishing programs that will damage your computer’s software.

The same goes for spending time on social media – avoid pages and links that are suspicious or unknown, and never share your personal information, particularly financial or social security information, on these channels. This is true even if you believe your page is “protected,” as the reality here may be different from what you think. For more on protecting your computer from damage risks, or to learn about any of our computer repair, phone repair or screen repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.