Prevention Tactics Against Computer or Laptop Damage, Part 3

Mar 23, 2021

In parts one and two of this multi-part blog series, we’ve gone over several approaches to ensuring your computer or laptop is not at unnecessary risk of damage. Both in terms of hardware and software areas, protecting your devices from such risks is important for holding not only their value, but also your important information and data. At FixIT Mobile, we’re happy to offer a wide selection computer repair and laptop repair services in addition to our phone repair, tablet repair and screen repair solutions. In addition, however, we leave clients with tips on how to avoid repeating their mistakes or risking any other kind of damage in the future – with this in mind, our final segment in the series will discuss a few additional ways you can ensure you keep your computers and laptops protected at all times.

Battery Backup

One potential source of damage to several different electronic items, particularly if your home commonly has circuitry issues or you aren’t using the right kinds of surge protectors, is power surges. These can come randomly based on factors outside your control, and they can damage several parts of a computer’s hardware, including its motherboard in many cases.

In cases where it’s realistic, you can avoid any such risks by using a battery backup. If not, at least ensure you’re using a quality surge protector for all computer or laptop plugs so they have a first line of defense if a power surge takes place.

Cleaning Tips

We’ve seen numerous examples of computers or laptops requiring repair because their owners did not take the proper precautions while cleaning them. Everyone wants a clean keyboard on their laptop, for instance, but directly spraying a cleaner onto your laptop is liable to cause damage – you have to go about this the right way, using gentle cleaning and soft cloth materials with no liquid applied directly at any time.

That said, cleaning itself is important. If too much dust and debris are allowed to collect in various areas around the computer, these may interfere with not only key operation but also other areas of the device.

Beverages and Care

Our final entry here is perhaps the single most obvious one, but still worth mentioning based on how often it’s ignored: Be extremely careful with beverages and any kind of liquid when near a computer, laptop or any other non-waterproof device. Whether it’s coffee, soda or even just water, spills will damage electronics and even sometimes ruin them entirely.

For more on how to protect your computers and laptops from damage risks, or to learn about any of our device repair solutions, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.