Qualities of a Great Repair Specialist: Reputation and Communication

Jan 29, 2021

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on how to identify a great device repair specialist. From warranty coverage on services to experience, local reputation and many others, there are several variables you should be evaluating for any phone repair, tablet repair, laptop repair or other device repair needs. At FixIT Mobile, we welcome comparisons to our competitors for any of our device repair services, which also include computer repairs, smart watch repairs and more. Not only do we want all clients to get the very best possible services, we're fully confident we're the ones who are best-suited to provide them. Here are a few other important areas to be checking on as you evaluate your options for device repair to ensure you get great services.

Reviews and Reputation

At the end of part one, we went over the important realm of referrals. These are generally from trusted sources like family or friends, who will often provide great insight on a very good – or very bad – device repair experience they've had with a local repair specialist.

What if no one you know has had these issues recently, though? You still have many tools for evaluating a company's reputation, and online reviews are the biggest one. Through Google, the Better Business Bureau and potentially other online resources, you can get tons of information on a business – its overall reputation, how clients feel about it, and any common problems customers tend to have. Be sure to evaluate this area before taking your high-value device to a repair specialist with a terrible reputation, which is usually deserved.

Clear Communication

Like any other service industry, clients in device repair need clear and open communication with their repair specialist. Not only should the specialist stay in touch and provide updates on repair progress, they should also be transparent about pricing, warranties, service expectations and more. They should also provide receipts and other documentation of services – if they cannot, this is a red flag of a less reputable business.

Multiple Payment Options

Another such red flag: The repair company only accepts cash, or will not take certain other very normal payments like Visa credit cards. This is often a sign that this repairer has no ties to the local community, plus that they might be dealing in some shady areas – there really is no reputable business reason for not accepting credit card payments. If a company cannot serve multiple payment needs in the year 2021, is it really worth your business, even beyond the other iffy areas this behavior signals?

For more on how to find a great device repair specialist, or to learn about any of our cell phone repair, tablet repair or other repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.