Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Pre-Owned Phone

Jan 3, 2022

As the cost of new smartphones gets more and more prohibitive with each new model that comes out, some consumers are looking for affordable alternatives. One option that's become more popular in recent years: Purchasing a pre-owned, lightly-used smartphone for a fraction of the price instead of shelling out multiple paychecks for a new one.

At FixIT Mobile, we're proud to provide certified pre-owned phones in addition to our phone repair and other device repair services. Our refurbished phones are evaluated and maintained by our expert staff, and bring clients all the functionality they need without breaking the bank. What are some primary reasons you may consider purchasing a pre-owned smartphone? Here are a few.


Naturally, the lower price of a used phone is the primary benefit of this option. You can often find pre-owned models for sale at a fraction of the price of a new one -- without sacrificing much or any quality or functionality.


Used phones are also a great way to get your hands on a model or color you wouldn't be able to find in stores anymore. With the ever-changing technology landscape, older models eventually disappear from shelves as new ones take their place. If you're looking for a specific phone that's no longer being manufactured, buying a used one is your best bet.


Purchasing a pre-owned phone instead of a new one is also a more environmentally-friendly option. When you buy a new device, it inevitably becomes obsolete after a few years and must be replaced with another new device. But if you purchase a used phone that's still in good working condition, you can hold onto it and use it for longer.

And whether you were aware of it or not, old phones that have been trashed contribute tremendously to waste and pollution. In fact, over 150 million metric tons of electronic waste is produced each year, and only 20-25% of it is recycled.

So if you're looking for a more sustainable option, purchasing a pre-owned phone is definitely one way to go.

Deluxe Versions

That deluxe phone type you couldn't afford when it was brand new on the market? Now that it's used, it may be much more affordable. Many pre-owned phones are gently-used and come with all the bells and whistles of the newer models.

This means you can treat yourself to upgraded functionality you wouldn't have been able to access with a newer model, from additional storage capacity to an XL display, faster processing speeds, better cameras and more.

If you're considering a used phone for any of these reasons or a combination therein, contact our pros at FixIT Mobile to learn about our options. We're also always available for device repair services spanning from phones to tablets, laptops and more.