Risks of DIY Phone Repair Attempts (Part 1)

Nov 3, 2020

If your cell phone recently sustained damage or was broken in some way, you might be thinking about attempting to repair it on your own. However, such a process could be putting you at risk – not only of your own basic safety, but of worsening the damage to the phone rather than improving it.

At FixIT Mobile, we’re your one-stop shop for cell phone repair, tablet repair and numerous other device repair services. We’ve assisted smartphone owners with numerous repairs for their phones, from simple areas like cracked screen repair to more advanced technological areas. This two-part blog series will begin by going over some of the issues present with attempting DIY smartphone repairs, then look at some of the distinct advantages of leaving this theme to professionals.

Lack of Expertise

First and foremost, the single most common reason why non-professionals shouldn’t attempt technical phone repairs is their lack of expertise. Just because you’ve been using a smartphone for years does not mean you’re an expert in repairing it, especially for certain issues that take place within the motherboard or other electrical components. One great example here that showcases the theme we’re hitting at: Do you even know how to open up a broken phone to work on interior areas? This isn’t just as simple as pulling it apart or using a screwdriver – and this is just to get the phone open, and doesn’t speak at all to the issues you might be trying to remedy once you accomplish this.

No Parts Sourcing

In many cases, a problem with your phone will require a replacement part. In certain cases this will be a defective accessory you can simply purchase, such as headphones or a plug-in; in others, though, the part in question will be something inside the phone. Do you have a proper sourcing channel for this sort of part, or will you be waiting weeks or even months to source them, and possibly from shady secondhand resellers?

At FixIT Mobile, we have all these channels handled. Instead of waiting a long time and paying a major markup for replacements, our repair services have them already available where needed.

Proper Tools

Finally, even if you’re able to diagnose the problem and even source the proper parts to repair it, do you have the right tools to carry this job out? Many phone repairs require specialized tools or equipment beyond just a screwdriver, often including items like spudgers, tweezers, a jimmy and various anti-static protection devices. You could go out and purchase all these, sure – but it would probably be more expensive than simply bringing the phone to us for repairs instead.

For more on the risks of DIY phone repair, or to learn about any of our tablet repair, laptop repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.