Should You Buy a Refurbished Phone?

Aug 9, 2019

A refurbished phone can be a smart choice if you’re looking to save money, as the price can be hundreds of dollars less than that of a brand new model.

But what will you be missing out on by buying a refurbished phone? Not much at all! Sure, you may not have the original packaging, but you will own a device that works just as good as new. However, before you make a purchase, you may need to do a bit of homework. Here’s what you need to know.


How Refurbished Phones Differ from Used Phones

First of all, used phones are not the same as refurbished.

Refurbished smartphones have gone through a thorough inspection and restoration process. Every feature and function is tested and, if necessary, repaired to ensure everything is in full working order. The data is wiped as well, so for all intents and purposes, the devices operate as if they just came from the factory. And they may even come with a limited warranty against defects.

Used phones, on the other hand, are resold as-is, often by the previous owner. These devices can be great deals, but they may not work as expected – and used phones do not have any warranty or guarantee. So, buying one is a huge risk.

Pros & Cons of Buying a Refurbished Phone

Refurbished smartphones offer several advantages. The best reasons to buy a refurbished phone include:

  • Save money – You can get a like-new phone for a budget-friendly price, and because it comes with a warranty, the purchase is risk-free.

  • Familiar technology – If your favorite phone dies, you can replace it with the same model and avoid the headaches of adapting to new technologies.

  • Environmental benefits – Buying refurbished is an eco-friendly decision, as it saves fully functional devices from making their way to the landfill.

The drawbacks to buying a refurbished smartphone are few, and they mainly pertain to the lack of knowledge about the devices. Though they are guaranteed to function properly, there’s no way to know why the phones have been refurbished. And as the warranty coverage for refurbished devices is usually shorter than that for new models, the absence of information makes some people uncomfortable.

Shopping for Refurbished Phones

You can buy refurbished smartphones from a vast number of sources. To make a smart purchase, however, keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure to shop with a reputable company that offers warranty coverage. If a device doesn’t come with a guarantee, it likely isn’t worth the price.

  • Research the model you are considering to see if it has any frequent defects or common complaints.

  • Consider the cost savings. Refurbished smartphones come with lower prices than new models, but with some retailers, the difference is not all that great.

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