Should You Visit an iPhone Repair Shop or the Apple Store?

Oct 11, 2019

Your iPhone is no longer under warranty, and you’ve just dropped it in the toilet or cracked the screen. Or maybe the device just isn’t working. Should you take it to an iPhone repair shop, or are you better off bringing it to the Apple Store?

While your first thought might be to go with the latter option, these days more people are choosing to visit an iPhone repair shop instead. Here’s why.

iPhone Repair Shop


Getting an appointment at the Apple Store isn’t easy, and many people have to wait at least a few days for an opening in the schedule. And while most locations take walk-ins, the wait time for repairs can be several hours.

In contrast, an independent repair shop can fix an iPhone much faster. Many, including Bad Apple, offer same-day service whenever possible. And for some issues, repairs can take as little as an hour.


Regardless of the repair needed, the out-of-warranty fee the Apple Store will charge is almost certainly higher than the cost at an independent repair shop.

How much higher? That depends upon the damage – but we can tell you that Apple’s iPhone repair fees for customers without AppleCare+ coverage may be as much as $599 depending upon the iPhone model and the type of fix it needs.


Out-of-warranty repairs completed at the Apple Store come with a 90-day guarantee – which, admittedly, is a respectable offer.

That’s why many independent repair shops offer solid warranties of their own. Here at Bad Apple, we provide a 90-day limited warranty on all parts and services, and our premium iPhone screen repair comes with a 90-day warranty.

Choosing the Right iPhone Repair Shop

 If you need iPhone repair, you should do a bit of research before choosing an independent shop.

Look for one that’s been in business for at least a few years, as iPhone repair requires technical expertise. Check the quality of the parts the shop uses, too -- premium original parts and equipment are more reliable than cheap aftermarket parts. Take the time to read customer reviews as well, and find a shop that offers both transparent pricing and warranty coverage on repairs.

Anytime your iPhone is in need of repair, turn to FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple. Our technicians have extensive experience fixing all iPhone models, and we only use original premium parts. We guarantee our services, too, and you can find our repair pricing on our website.

Getting an iPhone fixed at FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple is extremely convenient. We have multiple locations throughout Utah, and our team can complete most repairs the same day you bring your device in.

For a fast, affordable fix, FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple is the independent iPhone repair shop you need. Contact us or stop by one of our Utah locations today!