Smartphone Diagnostics: Android and iPhone Native Options

Jan 29, 2021

For a number of electronics, including smartphones, diagnostic tests are an important part of maintenance and long-term quality. The ability to run such tests and understand certain areas of performance and quality is very important within several fields, including smartphones.

At FixIT Mobile, we commonly run basic diagnostic tests during our phone repair, laptop repair and other repair services. And while these tests sometimes involve proprietary equipment that phone owners don't have access to on their own, they also may regularly involve the native diagnostic capabilities of the phone - especially in cases where Android models are at issue. This two-part blog series will go over some of these native diagnostic and related capabilities in various phone models, plus how to run diagnostics from third-party apps and some other important areas.

*#0*# Android Diagnostics

As we noted above, Android models are the far more receptive type when it comes to user-friendly diagnostics on the phone itself. Android phones tend to have simple diagnostic tools, but these vary between models. These codes involve typing in a basic code into your app's dialer, almost like entering codes in a video game.

The first code that's most common among most Android devices is the *#0*# code. This code comes in Android models that have a full diagnostics menu, and allows the user to run a check on several areas of the phone's hardware. There are several specific tests available here, from screen tests like color accuracy and touch recognition to camera tests, hardware tests and even tests on physical buttons like power or volume control.

*#*#4636#*#* Android Usage Information

The other most popular Android code is this one, which actually brings up a basic information menu. This code is usable for even more Android devices than the main diagnostic code we went over above. Information shared will vary here between specific devices, but at minimum you will get info on app usage history, Wi-Fi and cell network connections, plus basic phone information like carrier, number and more.

iPhone and Battery

When it comes to iPhone and Apple, sadly, there's nowhere near as much user-friendliness in terms of diagnostics. Apple is known for being much more secretive, preventing this sort of thing from being realistic in many areas.

One key exception here, however, is your battery. iPhone settings to allow for detailed battery readouts in areas like performance and history, simply by going to Settings and clicking on the Battery section. Unfortunately, though, this is about the limit of the native diagnostics available in iPhones.

For more on diagnostics within smartphones, or to learn about any of our phone repair, laptop repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.