Smartphone Diagnostics: Third-Party App Assistance

Jan 29, 2021

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on running native diagnostics on your smartphone. This is an area, as we discussed, where Android phones hold several edges over their iPhone counterparts, though both do offer some basic diagnostic areas (more battery-related, in the case of Apple). At FixIT Mobile, diagnostic tests are some of the most common tools we often utilize to help get to the bottom of cell phone repair needs. And while some of the diagnostic systems we use are commercial in nature and generally not available to clients, we will also regularly utilize your phone's native diagnostic capabilities to assist with certain needs. While part one of our series focused on the native options for both Android and Apple models, today's part two will look at third-party diagnostic apps that are often beneficial for phone owners.


Available for both Apple and Android devices, the TestM app is one that allows for both quick appraisals and full hardware diagnostics depending on your needs. Its full scan tests for numerous basic actions on the phone, including the camera, battery, onboard sensors, performance location, charging, and even Bluetooth and connectivity areas.

Results are very easy and simple to read and grasp with TestM diagnostics, which also offer recommendations for repairs and nearby locations. The major downside of TestM: It plays ads between each test, though there's a premium version you can unlock for $18.

Phone Check and Test

Only available for Android, this is one of the simpler phone diagnostic apps available. Its full scan, however, is detailed: Including deep CPU, storage, battery diagnostics and much more. Readouts are also detailed, though they are less user-friendly and a bit more technical than TestM results.

Once again, this app does contain ads – though they're much less invasive than TestM. In addition, you can upgrade for just $2 to remove these ads rather than $18 for TestM.

Phone Diagnostics

Only for iOS systems, Phone Diagnostics is another that is often a bit overrun by ads – for those who require regular diagnostics, paying to get rid of them is generally the way to go. And once you do, this system includes several excellent tests, primarily for hardware functions – it takes you through every hardware feature of the specific iPHone model you're using, from the camera and touch screen to lesser-used areas like voice record, GPS/compass and more. While this app is likely the worst of the three when it comes to ads, it may be the best of the three for overall information gleaned.

For more on running diagnostics on your phone, or to learn about any of our phone repair, computer repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at FixIT Mobile today.