Tips on Remedying a Slow Smartphone Data Connection

Nov 11, 2021

There are a few things no smartphone owner wants to see while using their device, and one of these is a slow, barely-moving progress bar in a browser or any other web-connected app that signals a slow connection. While certain limited connectivity issues aren't unexpected in low-service locations or other limited situations, a phone that's constantly dealing with a slow connection may have a specific problem taking place that needs attention.

At FixIT Mobile, our phone repair services include several different areas, with internet connection speed and quality absolutely among them. What are some ways these types of basic connectivity concerns be remedied -- either on your own or with the assistance of our phone repair specialists? Here's a primer.

Restarting Phone

This old standby is often a reliable way to remedy several different phone issues, and connection issues are on the list in some cases. Simply restarting your phone is a good way to free up memory for a better connection. If you're often dealing with slow connections in specific locations, such as inside buildings or when at home, try restarting the device in these spots and see if it helps.

How to do this will vary from phone model to phone model. If you have questions, contact or pros or look up your phone's manual for instructions.

Airplane Mode On and Off

In other cases, toggling your phone's Airplane Mode on and off again might do the trick. This feature blocks cell signal to your device, which can help when you're in an area that has poor service or is simply causing your phone to disconnect frequently. Of course, be sure to turn it back off when you return home or enter a location with better service -- otherwise, it will block calls to your phone.

Check Data Usage

In some cases, your connection speed is being pirated by background apps on your phone. One way to determine this is to open your phone's Settings menu and choose the "Data Usage" option. From here, you can see what programs are using a data connection -- if it isn't being used by an app that needs internet access, then it could be at fault for your slow connection.

Make sure that the data-using apps are turned off or deleted. If the problem persists, contact your service provider for more information.

Carrier Outages

Finally, if none of the basic fixes we've recommended here have done the trick, you might consider whether your wireless carrier is having a temporary outage. There are online resources where major carriers will post updates if such outages are taking place, and you might be able to determine whether this is the issue by checking one of them.

Of course, if your phone's data connection has always been slow -- or even temporarily lost for no good reason -- then it might be time to consider visiting our shop for phone repair services . The experts at FixIT Mobile can take a look at your entire setup and determine why you might be having connection issues, plus remedy them in most cases. For more on this or any of our other phone or device repair services, speak to the pros at FixIT Mobile today.