Jul 17, 2018

We’ve all done it. It only takes one second and bam; it’s dropped. You were hanging on to it, talking, trying to reach the pen on the passenger’s seat, and there it goes. Your phone slips and hits the floor. Whew, this time, it didn’t crack thank goodness.

At Fixit Mobile, we repair a lot of broken phones and screen repair is one of our most frequent services. You wouldn’t believe all the stories our customers share about how they dropped their phones!!

To help you take care of your phone screen here are the most common ways phone screens get cracked and solutions to help prevent them. Be sure to make it to the end as we share our number one tip to avoid damaging your phone screen in the last section.

Dropped While Taking a Selfie

Yep, you guessed it, people very often drop their phones while taking selfies. Whether it’s of your new sweater, on the treadmill at the gym, or overlooking some incredible scenic view, phone’s-be-a-falling while people are reaching out to get themselves in that perfect shot. Here are a few tips for making selfies easier.

Try a selfie stick; it’s designed to hold your phone securely and telescopes out so you can compose the shot just the way you want without the yoga moves. If you’re not into carrying a tool around try your headphone cable. For most newer phones when your camera app is open you can hit the volume button on the cable, and it takes a picture. This way you are not fumbling with your thumbs to try and hit the photo button and can just focus on holding the phone securely. Happy Shooting!

Talking and Walking

Yes, some people should not walk and talk on the phone, just saying. Walking while having a discussion on your phone is an easy way to run into things, bump people, and drop your phone. Unfortunately, the pavement is also one of the least forgiving surfaces to drop your phone on. If you are chronic pacer or lunch break walker, this tip is for you.

Are you on the go and need to be on your phone? Try a Bluetooth headset. It will free up your hands and allow you to answer and place calls without even touching your phone. Your phone stays safely in your bag or pocket, and you are free to walk and talk distraction free.

Got Angry and Threw It

Okay, this one is real for many of us. We all have bad days and sometimes it’s one where anger can get the best of us. Sadly, many phones have been the object of releasing anger and ended up needing some serious repairs afterward. Here’s one technique to try if the thought of throwing your phone is going through your head.

We are not exactly counselors, but if you are feeling the urge to throw your phone, STOP. Take some deep breaths and slow down. Don’t do anything, except breath deeply until you get under control. If you are more of a mover, go for a short walk. Just go.

Making a spur of the moment decision is often not a good idea. Cool off for a few, and then you will see clearly that throwing your phone is not a good idea.

The Kids Dropped It

Okay, so we often need a quick way to keep our children entertained, and for some reason, smartphones are the objects kids just can’t get enough of, until they throw them. Toddlers, especially, love the repetition of throwing and picking up, over, and over, and over again, which obviously is not good for your phone.

We recommend keeping a few old phones around that are too old to use to let your kids play with instead of using your own. This satisfies their need to have a real object just like mommy and daddy have, but doesn’t crack your screen.

Fumble Fingers

Finally, there is the good-old, standard, fumble-fingers dropping your phone while using it. Whether it’s gaming, sending a text message, or reacting to your friend’s post, fumbles happen.

The thing is, dropping your phone can occur anytime and anywhere so knowing how and when to be more careful is almost impossible. Fortunately, we’ve saved our number one tip for protecting your screen for last. This one should help keep you protected no matter how you drop your phone.

In Conclusion

For the best protection for your phone and screen, we recommend the combination of a glass screen protector and a good impact resistant case. It’s two additional items to add to your phone that go a long, long, way in keeping your screen protected. Look for a glass screen that has a good review and make sure to get a case that has a slight lip above your screen to protect it from drops.

If you find yourself in need of a repair, give us a call for a free estimate (844) 651-9277

Until next time.