What to Do if Your Smartphone Gets Water Damage

Mar 15, 2019

If your smartphone gets water damage, it could be the end of the line for your device.

However, if you act quickly to offset the potential damage, you may be able to save your phone – but it will likely require the assistance of an experienced smartphone repair professional.

The obvious first step is to remove the device from the water as quickly as possible. What happens next can help minimize the damage or, if you do the wrong things, make it worse – potentially much worse.


Actions to Avoid if Your Smartphone Goes for a Dip

Some of the worst things you can do for a wet electronic device are those that seem, at least intuitively, to be the right actions.

Once you retrieve your device from the source of moisture, turn it off immediately if it’s still functioning. If it’s not working, DO NOT try to turn it on. Do not shake it, blow on or into it, or plug it in. Do not attempt to dry it out using any heat source, such as a blow dryer or the oven (yes, people have tried it).

Now, for the steps you should take to minimize the damage….

Remove Any Removable Components

If your device is in a case, remove it immediately. If moisture is trapped inside the case, it could find its way inside your smartphone.

Depending on your device, you may be able to remove the battery, SIM card or storage card. If you can open the device, do so as quickly as possible.

Remove Any Residual Moisture

Using a microfiber cloth or paper towel (nothing with lint or fibers that could shed into your device), gently dap at any moisture you can see.

If you happen to own a small electronics vacuum, you can also try using that to remove moisture. Do not use canned air or blow on the device, as this can push moisture deeper into the delicate electronics components.

Pack the Device in Rice

Using a sealable container or zip-top bag, submerge your smartphone in uncooked rice.

Long-grain rice is best but you can use whatever happens to be handy – with the exception of quick-cooking and seasoned rice. Both of these products can have small particles that could become embedded in the electronic components and cause further problems.

Leave your phone in the rice until you can get it to a smartphone repair expert.

Contact a Smartphone Repair Professional

Resist your urge to wait and see if your phone dries out and comes back to life. It’s possible you didn’t get all the moisture from inside the device – especially if you have an iPhone or another model that can’t easily be opened up.

Instead, get your device to a local phone repair professional. If you’re in Utah, make the call to the experts at Bad Apple.

Our experienced technicians have the training and state-of-the-art technology it takes to bring your device back to life. If the damage is too extensive, we may be able to take it in trade on a refurbished model or buy it from you outright.

Contact FixIT Mobile | Bad Apple today for help if your smartphone gets water damage or if you need any other type of device repair.